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3rd Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
6-10 September, Trondheim, Norway

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Photos and RealAudio, Tuesday, 7th September '99

On the second day of the Norway/UN Conference on the Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, participants met to hear presentations on the themes of management in dynamic environments and the socio-economy of sustainable resource use. Participants also heard side presentations on the Ecosystem Conservation Group's work on large-scale ecosystem management in the marine environment and on key questions in legalizing the ecosystem approach.

Management in dynamic environments.

Real AudioRowan Martin, consultant, spoke on adaptive management as a tool for decentralized systems.
Raed Bani Hani, General Corp. for Environment Protection, Jordan chats with Stas Burgiel.

The socio-economy of sustainable resource use.

Mary Shetto, Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, presented on the institutional requirements for community-based management of land resources in Tanzania. She showed a video on human pressures leading to environmental degradation and desertification in Tanzania's dryland ecosystems, and community-based efforts to combat them.
Session Chair Monica Hammer, University of Stockholm, with session rapporteur.
View of Trondheim from a window of the Royal Garden Hotel. The river Nidelva, in the foreground, is one of the richest salmon rivers in Norway.

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