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First International Conference of Parliamentarians on the Sustainable Management of Central African Forest Ecosystems
24-27 October 2006 | Yaoundé, Cameroon
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Highlights for Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The First International Conference of Members of the Parliament on the Sustainable Management of Central African Forest Ecosystems continued on Wednesday 25 October, in Yaoundé, Cameroon. In the morning, participants explored the conference’s second theme “Working out strategies for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of sub-regional biodiversity policy”, through country and regional case studies. In the afternoon participants discussed the third sub-theme, “Financing mechanisms and the fight against poverty. They then divided into three working groups on forest taxation, partnerships, and national legislation and international agreements. In the evening, delegates convened into three parallel sessions to hear presentations on forest certification, women’s participation in natural resource management and innovative tools in forest management initiatives.

Conference session during the morning
Claus-Michael Falkenberg, GTZ, stressed that monitoring and evaluation of projects sends a clear and credible message about development in the Congo Basin.
Roger Ngoufo, Cameroon Environmental Watch (CEW), lamented the difficulties of tracking exploitation and movement of wildlife.
René Oyono, CIFOR, reiterated that forest resources should promote local communities' ownership, and recommended review of forest royalties.
Angeline Ndo Engolo Evina, National Assembly, Cameroon, stressed the importance of capacity building, training and certification for SFM.
Salah Mahamat Nour, Chad, explained that Chad does not export timber, but consumes timber products in-country and exports NTFPs.
Shamiso Mtisi, Zimbabwe, outlined the findings, including that parliamentarians have limited knowledge and tend mot to ask questions or debate in parliament.
L-R: Abunaw Rose Makia, REFADD;and Tasi Ntaung Lucas ,Cameroon, consulting during the morning session.
Delegates consulting during the morning break.
Christophe Besacier, CBFP, drew attention to the global negotiation on debt relief and cited Cameroon's experience in using debt relief to finance its forest and environmental programmes.
Andre Ikongo-Logan , Congo-Brazzaville
Benard Foahom, IRAD
Arthur Bainomugisha, ACODE, reiterated parliamentarians should support institutionalization of Parliamentarians Caucus.
Abunaw Rose Makia, said that REFADD facilitates the involvement of women in sustainable management of natural resources.
Zac Tchoundjeu, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), explained that indigenous NTFPs could be used to enhance rural livelihoods.
Delegates during the morning break.
ICRAF's products and services on display at the entrance to the National Assembly.

Parliamentarians and partnerships of group deliberations session.
Moderator and rapporteur of parliamentarians and partnerships session, respectively. L-R: Matsemba Apollinaire, Gabon; and Salvador Ndabirorere, Burundi.
Products and services of the tousism industry of Cameroon on display during the conference.
Deliberations on national legislation sub regional initiatives and internation conventions.
Products and services of forestry resources on display at the entrance to the National Assembly.
Moderator and rapporteur of national legislation sub regional initiatives and internation conventions respectively.
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) team. L-R: Peter Wood, Canada; Karen Alvarenga, Brazil; Asheline Appleton, Kenya; and Melanie Ashton, Australia.
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Tuesday, 24 October - Wednesday, 25 October - Thursday, 26 October - Friday, 27 October
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