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         CLI Suriname

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Thursday 11
Friday 12 & Summary



Country-Led Initiative on Financing for Sustainable Forest Management in support of the UN Forum on Forests 

8-12 September 2008 | Paramaribo, Suriname


Highlights for Friday, 12 September 2008

On Friday afternoon, 12 September, participants of the Country-Led Initiative (CLI) on financing sustainable forest management (SFM) in support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) concluded their deliberations and agreed to the Co-Chairs’ Summary Report of the meeting. The Report, a compilation of the views expressed during the plenary sessions and breakout groups throughout the week, will be forwarded to the UNFF Ad Hoc Expert Group meeting in Vienna, Austria in November 2008, and the eighth session of the UNFF, to be held in 2009. After closing statements by Co-Chair Cornelis Pigot (Suriname) and Michael Jong Tjien Fa, Suriname Minister of Physical Planning, Land and Forestry Management, Co-Chair Pigot closed the meeting at 3:26 pm.

Above photo R-L:
Co-Chair Cornelis Pigot (Suriname) congratulates Co-Chair Stephanie Caswell (US) on her upcoming retirement. 


Above photos L-R:Liu Jinlong (China) confers the Co-Chairs Summary Report with Taina Veltheim (Finland); delegates busy reading the report before the start of closing plenary. 

Above photos: Co-Chairs Stephanie Caswell (US) and Hans Hoogeveen (the Netherlands) received a token of appreciation from Suriname; Kim van Seeters (the Netherlands) received the gift on behalf of Co-Chair Hoogeveen.

Above photos L-R: Niermala Hindorie-Badrising (CLI Secretariat) thanked the conference management team and local staff for their hard work and excellent organization of the meeting; Some of the members of the conference management include co-chair Annette Tjon Sie Fat, Conservation International, Suriname, Jan McAlpine (US), Charles Barber (US) and Henry McDonald, Suriname Ambassador to the United Nations.
Letchumanan Ramatha (Malaysia), added minor comments to the Co-Chairs’ Summary Report. Arvids Ozols (Latvia), thanked the organizers of the CLI, and expressed hope that delegates at UNFF 8 will build on the good ground work that had been done at this meeting.

Michael Jong Tjien Fa, Suriname Minster of Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management, highlighted the open and insightful dialogue on SFM that had taken place over the course of the week. He noted that participants had addressed the most pressing issues of financing SFM, considered the constraints that exist within the international framework, and discussed methods to overcome these. He asked for support for Suriname, as a high forest cover low deforestation rate country, in future meetings and dialogue and expressed hope that a successful outcome on SFM financing will occur at UNFF 8. He closed the meeting at 3:26pm.
L-R: Letchumanan Ramatha and Ahmad Fedzil (Malaysia)  Irma Tobing-Klein (Suriname) L-R: Chair Stephanie Caswell, Jan McAlpine and Sandy Cantler (US)


L-R: Dorjee Sun, Carbon Conservation, Niermala Hindorie-Badrising, CLI Secretariat, and M.P. Jong Tjien Fa, Minister, Ministry of Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management Participants from Malaysia and Indonesia in conversation.

Jan McAlpine greeting the ENB team during a session break. Ingwald Gschwandtl, Austria Stefanie von Scheliha (Germany) reading the YMB daily. 

Daniel Cooper, World Bank L-R: Sokh Heng (Cambodia) and Alexis Lapiz (Philippines) Santos Edgardo Cruz Lobo,  (Honduras)

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