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United Nations

The Fifteenth
Meeting of the Parties
to the Montreal Protocol

Nairobi, Kenya, 10 - 14 Nov., 2003 



  Mon 10

  Tue 11

  Wed 12

  Thu 13

   Final    Summary 




Monday, 10 Nov. 2003

On the first day of the preparatory segment of the MOP-15, delegates met in Plenary to hear opening addresses, adopt the agenda and discuss the issues and draft decisions on: a study on the management of the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol and various issues relating to exemptions of quantities of ozone-

Entrance to the Gigiri Complex, where MOP-15 is being held.

Khaled Klaly (Syrian Arab Republic)
, Co-chair of the OEWG
depleting substances (ODS) from the control measures; implications of entry into force of the Beijing Amendment; and specific interim reductions of methyl bromide.

In morning plenary,
Newton Kulundu, Minster for Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife (Kenya) said that the lengthy agenda before this meeting is the testimony of the importance of the ozone issue.

Maria Nolan (UK), Co-chair of the OEWG

Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat

Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat outlined the key issues of the preparatory segment.

Listen to:

- Newton Kulundu
- Marco González
- Canada
- Australia
- Nigeria
- Jonathan Banks

Dapo Afolabi of Nigeria making his opening intervention

Tamara Curll giving Australia's opening intervention

In the afternoon, the contact group on phase-out of methyl bromide and the contact group on CFC metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) met to further discuss the issues addressed in morning plenary. Delegates debated over a proposal presented by the Dominican Republic to the 23rdh Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG-23) on granting Critical Use Exemptions (CUEs) for methyl bromide.

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Chair of the Contact group for Conditions for Granting Critical Use Exemptions for Methyl Bromide (Dominican Republic)

K. Madhava Sarma, Former Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat

Newton Kulundu, Kenya's MInister of Environment (second on the left), with Ozone Secretariat Members Khaled Klaly, Maria Nolan, and Marco González.

Mikheil Tushishvili (Georgia), Chair of the Eastern and Central European Regional Group

Pierre Pinault making Canada's opening intervention

Federica Fricano of Italy spoke on behalf of the EU

Liu Yi of China said that TEAP should conduct a study on whether alternative technology was available

Jonathan Banks, Technology and Economic Assessment Panel Co-chair (TEAP), presented a "Supplementary Report on 2003 Critical Use Nominations"

Blaise Horisberger, delegate of Switzerland pointed out the need for a study carried-out by TEAP on the economic impact on Article 5 Parties of exemptions for methyl bromide

Regarding the nominations for CUEs for Methyl Bromide, Japan suggested that the TEAP further analyze the issue

Kenya supported the Dominican Republic's proposal on Methyl Bromide

Hannachi Hassen, Tunisia, making a proposal on the phasing-out of methyl bromide

Members of the Egyptian Delegation conferring after the morning plenary

Joaquim Whitaker, Brazilian Ambassador to Kenya (far left) with Brazilian delegates

Gardens in the Gigiri Complex

Press Conference: Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

During the lunch break the EIA held a press conference regarding illegal trade in CFCs. EIA panel members presented a report entitled "Global CFC Smuggling Trends and the Need for a Faster Phase-out".

For more information contact Ezra Clark, EIA Senior Campaigner, at
+44 7960 532 379

(Left to right): EIA press conference with panel members Ezra Clark, Alexander von Bismarck, and Ashley Misplon.

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