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United Nations

The Fifteenth
Meeting of the Parties
to the Montreal Protocol

Nairobi, Kenya, 10 - 14 Nov., 2003 



  Mon 10

  Tue 11

  Wed 12

  Thu 13

   Final    Summary 




Thursday, 13 Nov. 2003

The high-level segment commenced with an opening ceremony. Delegates then heard presentations from panels, committees and implementing agencies. In the late afternoon, participants listened to country statements. Outstanding agenda items were considered in the evening.

Opening ceremony presentation in today's morning plenary

Rukman Senanayake, MOP-14 President (Sri Lanka) said more effort needs to be made to phase-out ODS and reminded that 11 countries have still not signatories to the Montreal Protocol
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Opening Ceremony:

Listen to the presentations of:

Shafqat Kakakhel, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP (center) with Newton Kulundu (Kenya's Minister of Environment (at left) and Moody Awori, Vice President of Kenya (right). Kakakhel made a statement on behalf of Klaus Töpfer, UNEP Executive Director.

Center: Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat

Moody Awori, Vice-President of Kenya, urged Parties to take note of experiences and lessons learned by developing countries in the ODS phase-out process.

Delegates watch the presentation of poems and songs by children of Agakhan Nursery School, Nairobi

A young student recites a poem for delegates

Chinese delegate showing the


Rukman Senanayake, MOP-14 President (Sri Lanka), announced that China, Fiji, Jamaica, and Senegal were winners of the 2003 Outstanding National Units Ozone Award in appreciation of their work in implementing the Montreal Protocol and protecting the ozone layer.

Delegate from Jamaica receives the award from the MOP-14 President

MOP-15 Rapporteur Gabriel Luluaki, Papau New Guinea

New President of the Bureau:

In the late morning, delegates elected members of the MOP-15 Bureau. Libor Ambrozek (Czech Republic) was elected as MOP-15 President. Gabriel Luluaki (Papua New Guinea) was elected as Rapporteur.

Libor Ambrozek (Check Republic), was elected president of the Bureau of MOP-15

Steven Anderson, Co-Chair of the Synthesis Panel (TEAP)
Assessment Panel Reports:

Listen to:


Janet Bornman (Denmark), and Jan van der Leun (Netherlands), Co-Chairs of the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP)

Ayité Lô Ajavon, Co-Chair of the Scientific Assessment Panel (SAP)

The following TEAP members also made presentations:

Radhey Agarwal (India)
Masaaki Yamabe (Japan)

TEAP Members Left to right: Lambert Kuijpers (Holland); José Pons Pons (Venezuela); Miguel Quintero (Columbia); Gary Taylor; Nahum Marbun Mendoza (Mexico)


Suely Carvalho (UNDP) said the UNDP gave over $436 million in program funding toward MOP-related projects around the world

Presentations from the Multilateral Fund
Executive Committee and Implementing Agencies:

Listen to:

Laurent Granier, (GEF) emphasized that a spirit of cooperation helped to make the MOP a success.

Tamás Gróf (UNIDO) said by the end of 2003, UNIDO will have contributed to the phasing-out of over 27,000 ODP tonnes.

Tadanori Inomata, Japan, presented the report of the Multilateral Fund Executive Committee

Rajendra Shende, (UNEP), introduced UNEP's Compliance Assistance Programme

Gardens within the Gigiri Complex

View of the Plenary room and MOP-15 participants
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