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United Nations

The Fifteenth
Meeting of the Parties
to the Montreal Protocol

Nairobi, Kenya, 10 - 14 Nov., 2003 



  Mon 10

  Tue 11

  Wed 12

  Thu 13

   Final    Summary 




Wednesday, 12 Nov. 2003

Delegates met in Plenary throughout the day, and agreed to forward several draft decisions to the high-level segment for adoption, as outlined in bold text to follow. Contact groups met in the afternoon to finalize outstanding draft decisions.

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Entrance to the Gigiri Complex, where MOP-15 is being held.

Patrick McInerney (Australia), President of the Implementation Committee on Non-compliance Issues.

MOP-15 Panel members (left to right): Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat; Co-Chair of the OEWG Khaled Klaly (Syrian Arab Republic); Co-Chair of the OEWG Maria Nolan (UK); Michael Graber, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat.

Armands Plate, Latvia

Non-compliance Issues Considered by the Implementation Committee:

Listen to:

   -President McInerney presenting the report of the Implementation Committee;

   -Egypt and Latvia indicating they have worked hard and are already in compliance but they did not meet the deadline;
   - Australia agreeing to redraft the decisions.

Mohamed Sayed Khalil, Egypt

Duncan Hollis (US)

Implications of Entry in to Force of the Beijing Amendment Regarding HCFCs:

Listen to:

- US present the outcome of the contact group, saying that the group met on Saturday, 8 November, agreed that, inter alia: the term "State not party to this Protocol" does not apply to Article 5 Parties until 1 January 2016;

Soodsakorn Putho (Thailand)

Tadanori Inomata, Japan

and the term "State not party to this Protocol" includes all other States and regional economic integration organizations that have not agreed to be bound by the Copenhagen and Beijing amendments.

- India, Japan and Thailand expressing their positions on the Amendment;

- US announcing minor editorial amendments.

Shri Chand (India)

Dapo Afolabi, Nigeria reaffirmed that the beijing amendment did not apply to article 5 countries.

Delegates from the European Community, Canada and the US met in the hallway after the amendment was successfully put through.

European Community

Advancement of the Deadline for Annual Data Reporting:

Listen to: the European Community presenting this draft decision which, in his words, reflected a "double-barreled approach": a political commitment to report production and consumption data by 30 June, to be followed later by an amendment to the Protocol.

-Japan and Brazil proposing textual changes; Russia and Pakistan voicing concerns regarding deadlines.

Elias Santos, Brazil

Nicolai Ratsiborinsky, Russian Federation

Sergio Sánchez, Mexico announced it is in the final phase of ratification of the Beijing amendment
Jamil Ahmad, Pakistan said the decision of any MOP cannot over-rule provisions of the Protocol

Liu Yi, China

Review of Additional exempted uses of Controlled Substances as Process Agents

Delegates discussed two draft decisions presented by the US: on the list of uses of controlled substances as process agents (UNEP/OzL.Pro.15/CRP.16); and on process agents (UNEP/OzL.Pro.15/CRP.17).

Tom Land, US
Paul Horwitz, US

Listen to:

US presenting the draft decisions;

Japan indicate that the last two process agents listed in CRP.17 had not been formally reviewed by TEAP.

Gary Taylor of the TEAP (right) clarified that the TEAP only works on instructions of the parties, and that they do no formal or informal review of applications

Ezra Clark,
EIA, urged Parties to take immediate actions to reduce CFC production rather than waiting a year or more for the results of a study by the TEAP.

Hannachi Hassen, Tunisia, submitted a draft decision together with Algeria, Australia, Canada, the EU, Switzerland, and the US, asking to defer the compliance status of certain countries until two years after TEAP points out methyl bromide alternatives.

Pierre Pinault, Canada, called for more research on products treated with methyl bromide, and suggested the proposal on Conditions for Granting CUEs for Methyl Bromide should be examined at OEWG-24.

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