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Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Jessica Vega Ortega and Otuo-Akyampong Boakye

Jessica Vega Ortega, Global Youth Indigenous Caucus, and Otuo-Akyampong Boakye, Eco Warriors Movement, during an evening Tree Talks event.

As XV WFC entered its second day of events, participants delved deeper into a broad spectrum of forest-related issues.

In the morning, a ministerial forum addressed how to increase financing for forest conservation and management.

Dogeol An, Vice Minister of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea

Dogeol An, Vice Minister of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea, during the Ministerial Forum on Forest Finance

Later on, a high-level roundtable was held on the Peace Forest Initiative, which promotes transboundary environmental cooperation between countries, particularly those in fragile and conflict-affected regions.

High-level Roundtable on the Peace Forest Initiative

The High-level Roundtable on the Peace Forest Initiative

During a lunchtime side event, the FAO released key findings from the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020, considered to be the most updated, consistent and reliable land use statistics currently available. 

In the afternoon, participants took part in the second plenary session of the Congress, on “Forests for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful world,” moderated by journalist and broadcaster Henry Bonsu.

Plenary session 2

The dais during the second plenary session

In the morning and afternoon, participants met in six parallel sessions, to continue discussions on the six sub-themes of the Congress.

Under Sub-theme 1, participants explored ways to enable and scale-up finance to halt deforestation, and looked at how to address the role that agricultural commodities play.

Nathalie Lecocq, FEDIOL Belgium

Nathalie Lecocq, Director General, FEDIOL, addresses participants virtually, during the third part of Sub-theme 1: Responding to Changing Agrifood Commodity Markets’ Requirements to Turn the Tide on Deforestation.

Under Sub-theme 2, the role of sustainable forest management in meeting post-2020 biodiversity commitments was discussed. Later, participants shared lessons learned regarding successful forest restoration practices and programmes, and discussed how to fulfill the objectives of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration by 2030.

The dais during the third session of sub-theme 2

The dais during Sub-theme 5, session 2: Global Restoration Programmes during the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Under Sub-theme 3, participants discussed opportunities and challenges in the forest sector for  promoting green jobs while achieving sustainability, and ways in which innovation can be facilitated.

Online panelists of the third session of sub-theme 3

Online panelists join the third session of Sub-theme 3: Innovation in the Forest Sector: New Paths to Growth and Sustainability

Under Sub-theme 4, participants learned about the many ways in which forests contribute to human health, including providing medicines, and therapeutic and healing properties. Later, participants discussed how to ensure that forests continue to secure livelihoods for rural communities, including equitable rights, access, and tenure.

Elizabeth Nsimadala, East Africa Farmers Federation

Elizabeth Nsimadala, President, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation, and Moderator Ronnakorn Triraganon, Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific, during the third session of sub-theme 4: Forests for Securing Livelihoods

Under Sub-theme 5, participants engaged in a two-part session looking at innovations and emerging trends in forest monitoring, including remote sensing technologies and field-based forest assessments, and the benefit these can have for communities and forest-dependent people.

Under Sub-theme 6, participants looked at how forest management affects water, and in turn, the ability to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Later, participants engaged in a panel-led discussion on challenges faced by local communities and Indigenous Peoples in acting as custodians and managers of forests.

Broad-ranging discussions on diverse forestry-related topics are set to continue on Wednesday.

Tree Talk with Otuo-Akyampong Boakye, Eco Warriors Movement

Tree Talk with Jessica Vega Ortega, Global Youth Indigenous Caucus

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