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WFC 2021 Exhibition

A view of the booth of the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute at the XV WFC Exhibition

On the third day of XV WFC, participants continued to engage in a number of different events, meetings, and exhibits, moving throughout Seoul’s impressive COEX conference center.

In a morning plenary session, panelists discussed conditions necessary for increasing the use of forest products so that they contribute to reducing emissions and storing carbon.

The dais during plenary on Wood the Most Ancient Raw Material Taking us to the Future

The dais during plenary

Participants then met in parallel sessions to continue discussions on the six sub-themes of the Congress.

Under Sub-theme 1, participants explored efforts to strengthen forest and land governance, and develop verification systems to halt deforestation and forest degradation.

Dais of Sub-theme 1, Session 4

The dais during the fourth session of Sub-theme 1: Strengthening Governance and Verification Systems to Halt and Reverse Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Under Sub-theme 2, participants discussed how to leverage nature-based solutions for  climate change mitigation and adaptation, including the role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities as custodians and managers of forest lands and other ecosystems.

Under Sub-theme 3, participants looked at scaling up access to finance by smallholders and their organizations to promote sustainable landscapes.

Under Sub-theme 4, participants addressed forests for social cohesion and learned about how forest and farm producer organizations can facilitate social inclusion, keep young farmers interested, and improve the sustainability of rural and national development.

Dais of Sub-theme 4, Session 4

The dais during the fourth session of Sub-theme 4: Forests for social cohesion

Under Sub-theme 5, participants discussed progress and technological innovations from the Task Force on Monitoring working in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, including examples of successful initiatives and country experiences in restoration monitoring, and witnessed the launch of the Framework for Ecosystem Restoration Monitoring registry.

Julian Fox, FAO

Julian Fox, FAO, addresses participants during the fourth session of Sub-theme 5: Monitoring the forests to restore ecosystems.

Under Sub-theme 6, participants addressed cross-sectoral collaboration and partnerships involving different stakeholders in the context of how these interactions can successfully promote and implement sustainable forest management.

During an afternoon special event, participants also explored the role that forestry can play in creating a greener post-pandemic future, including how healthy and resilient forests can form part of COVID-19 response and recovery plans. In a parallel session, participants considered the role of sustainable bioenergy in the energy transition towards net zero emissions.

The Role of Forests in a Post COVID-19 Recovery

Second panel of the special event on the Role of Forests in a Post COVID-19 Recovery

An all-day special event took place alongside the main proceedings, addressing wildfire management, highlighting the need to involve all sectors impacted by fires, and not just forestry. Discussions centered on how to raise public awareness of the importance of fire management, the need for engaging local communities in shared risk governance, and innovative technologies for fire management.

Panelists of the special event on Sustainable Forests and Green Energy

Online and offsite panelists of the special event on Sustainable Forests and Green Energy

Following this, the Korean Forest Service and FAO launched the Assuring the Future of Forests with Integrated Risk Management (AFFIRM) Mechanism, a new global platform for addressing multiple forest risks, including wildfire, in a more holistic and integrated way.

Tae-hun Nam, KFS, and Maria Helena Semedo, FAO

Tae-hun Nam, Korea Forest Service, and Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General, sign the launch of the Assuring the Future of Forests with Integrated Risk Management (AFFIRM) Mechanism

Tree Talk with Vicente Guallart, General Director, Urban Habitat

Interview with Peter Moore, FAO

Interview with Amy Duchelle, FAO

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