Seventeenth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol

12-16 December 2005
| Dakar, Senegal

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Highlights from Monday, 12 December


The seventh Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the seventeenth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (COP-7/MOP-17) began on Monday morning with opening speeches, and adoption of the agenda and the organization of work. Delegates then discussed ratification, the report of the Ozone Research Managers, the trust funds for the Vienna Convention (the Convention) and the Montreal Protocol (the Protocol), and essential-use nominations for 2006 and 2007. In the afternoon, delegates considered methyl bromide-related issues and other matters. In the afternoon, a contact group on budget also met, and in the evening, contact groups on methyl bromide and replenishment of the Multilateral Fund met briefly to discuss organizational matters.


Opening COP-7/MOP-17's preparatory segment, Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat (center), said the meeting provides parties with an opportunity to celebrate the enduring political commitment of the international community to protect the ozone layer. He noted reductions in the consumption of ODS, and expressed appreciation for improvements in the timeliness and quality of parties' data reporting.

Diagne Fada, Minister of Environment and the Protection of Nature, Senegal (left), noted the importance of environmental protection for future generations and said individuals, NGOs and public and private entities must participate.

Diagne Fada, Minister of Environment and the Protection of Nature, Senegal, fields questions from the press

Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat (left) and Tom Land (US), Co-chair of OEWG and of the preparatory segment of COP-7/MOP-17 (center)

Megumi Seki, Secretariat (right), presented the report of the sixth meeting of the Ozone Research Managers to the Convention (UNEP/OzL.Conv.7/6), noting that the report's recommendations are drawn from national reports and reports from various international programmes and assessment activities. She stressed the need for, inter alia : continued and enhanced research and observation activities; expanded measurement networks; enhanced information on the interrelationship between ozone and climate change; and increased funding and cooperation for implementing the report's recommendations.


David Okioga, Kenya (left), Co-Chair of OEWG and the preparatory segment of COP-7/MOP-17.

Presenting MBTOC's 2005 Supplemental Report, Jonathan Banks, Co-Chair of MBTOC (center) , said MBTOC's supplementary recommendations for 2006 critical-use exemptions (CUEs) total 404 metric tons out of 502 nominated, and its recommendations for 2007 CUEs total 7,466 metric tons of 8,151 nominated. Co-Chair Banks noted that MBTOC achieved consensus on its findings, except on some of the US 's 2007 nominations, which a minority viewed as “unable to be assessed.” He summarized proposed changes to the standard presumptions for assessing 2007 CUNs, particularly on the use of virtually impermeable films (VIFs), and introduced the 2006 MBTOC workplan and budget.

Co-Chairs of the TEAP's Replenishment Task Force, Shiqiu Zhang (left), China, and Lambert Kuijpers, the Netherlands (right), presented the Report of the Assessment of the Funding Requirement for the Replenishment of the Multilateral Fund for 2006-2008, including the Supplementary Report of October 2005 and its December 2005 Addendum (the Replenishment Report).

Miscellaneous Photos

Ezra Clark, Environmental Investigation Agency, fields questions during a side event and film entitled entitled "Under the Counter: China's Booming Illegal Trade in Ozone Depleting Substances."

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