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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Ninth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Milan, Italy, 1- 12 Dec., 2003 

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Delegates to COP-9 continued to convene in meetings of the SBSTA and SBI, and in contact and informal groups on Tuesday. A contact group on methodological issues met in the evening to address the review of methodological work under the UNFCCC and Protocol.

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(Coverage of UNFCCC COP-9 side events)

Joke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, spoke on cost-cutting measures taken by the Secretariat during this morning's SBI meetingc


Daniel Reifsnyder (US), on the budget




The SBI discussed financial matters, including the programme budget for 2004-5 and the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF), as well as: capacity building; UNFCCC Article 6 (education, training and public awareness); implementation of UNFCCC Article 4.8 and 4.9 (adverse effects); and non-Annex I national communications. Delegates also heard the report of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

Watch the Secretariat's webcast of the SBI's 2nd COP-9 meeting this morning and also its 3rd meeting this afternoon

SBI Delegate from Thailand

SBI delegates from Italy

SBI delegates waiting outside the Plenary room for the 3rd meeting to start

Franz Tattenbach (Costa Rica), with Mohammed Al-Sabban (Saudi Arabia) and Philip Gwage (Uganda), exchanging views after this afternoon's SBI meeting




Tanzania and Burkino Faso at the closing of the SBI 3rd meeting this afternoon

SBSTA Chair Halldór Thorgeirsson (Iceland)





The SBSTA considered methodological issues, including Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF), development and transfer of technology, good practices in policies and measures (P&Ms), research and systematic observation (R&SO), and cooperation with relevant international organizations. Pre-sessional meetings regarding LULUCF under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) were reported to be very constructive and optimism was expressed that the work would be completed during this COP.

Watch the Secretariat's webcast of the SBSTA's 2nd COP-9 meeting this morning and also its 3rd meeting this afternoon

Thelma Krug, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made a presentation on Good Practices

Begum Hasna Moudud (Bangladesh), intervening during the SBI's 2nd meeting




Heikki Granholm, UNFCCC Secretariat, introducing the agenda item on Good Practice Guidance on LULUCF

Ian Fry (Tuvalu), intervening on Good Practices

SBSTA delegate Mamadou Honadia (Burkina Faso), affirming that sinks projects should contribute to poverty alleviation through small-scale community projects in Africa.

China cautioning against potential conflict between globally-imposed socioeconomic and environmental criteria, and national laws.

Brazil speaking on Definitions




Delegates participating in the SBSTA meeting this morning

Canada underscored the importance of partnerships between governments and the private sector

Delegates from the US and G77/China consulting during this afternoon's SBSTA meeting

SouthSouthNorth Project (SSN) is a network of organizations, research institutions and consultants grouped into one developmental organisation with considerable expertise to help public and private stakeholders develop the necessary confidenceChange exhibit.

Delegates from Brazil and the US chat outside the Fossil of the Day Award stand.

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