Highlights and images for 13 July 2018



On Friday, delegates to the second meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI 2) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) finalized discussions on a conference room paper on biodiversity mainstreaming, and adopted 20 recommendations to the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD, the third meeting of the parties to the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit-sharing (ABS) and the ninth meeting of the parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, which will convene in November 2018 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

After adopting the report of the meeting and hearing closing statements, SBI 2 closed at 1:05 pm.

ENB Summary and Analysis: The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of SBSTTA 22 and SBI 2 will be available on Monday, 16 July 2018 at http://enb.iisd.org/biodiv/sbstta22-sbi2/

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Franz Dejon
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L-R: Jyoti Mathur-Filipp, CBD Secretariat; SBI 2 Chair Francis Ogwal (Uganda); and CBD Deputy Executive Secretary David Cooper

Gillian Guthrie, Jamaica

Han de Koeijer, EU

Hidenobu Maekawa, Japan

Natalhie Campos-Reales Pineda, Mexico

L-R: Hamdallah Zedan and Moustafa Fouda, Egypt

Rosemary Paterson, New Zealand

Prudence Tangham Galega, Cameroon

Edda Fernández Luiselli, Mexico

Saleh Naghmush Al-Saadi, Oman

Soonhwan Hwang, Republic of Korea

Oleg Borodin, Belarus

L-R: Yasir Ahmed Salih Khairy and El Khitma El Awad Mohammed Ahmed, Sudan

Delegates from Indonesia consulting

L-R: Hesiquio Benítez Díaz, Mexico, with CBD Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer, drew Guyana as the first in the order of seating arrangements for COP 14

Elena Makeyeva, SBI 2 Rapporteur (Belarus)

CBD Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer

Gwen Sisior, Palau

Carolina Caceres, Canada

Luciano Donadio, Argentina

Stefan Leiner, EU

Dilovarsho Dustov, Tajikistan

Ramiro Batzin, International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity

Marthin Kaukaha Kasaona, Namibia

A video message from Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Egypt

SBI 2 Chair Francis Ogwal (Uganda) gaveled the meeting to a close at 1:05 pm

SBI 2 Snapshots

Delegates from Austria

Delegates from Africa

Delegates from Central and Eastern Europe with SBI 2 Chair Francis Ogwal (Uganda)

Delegates from the European Commission

Delegates from Cambodia

Delegates from Latin America and the Caribbean plus South Africa

Delegates from Mexico

Delegates from the Republic of Korea

L-R: ENB SBI 2 team with Asterios Tsioumanis, Annelies van Gaalen, Natalie Jones, Elsa Tsioumani, Jennifer Bansard, and Franz Dejon