Highlights and images for 5 July 2018



The 22nd meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA 22) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) continued Thursday with the consideration of conference room papers (CRPs) based on the discussions held earlier in the week. CRPs were discussed in plenary on the following agenda items:

  • Updated scientific assessment of progress towards selected Aichi Biodiversity Targets and options to accelerate progress; and
  • Synthetic biology.

A Friends of the Co-Chairs group met in the morning on digital sequence information. The contact group on risk assessment met over lunch and in the evening. The contact group on marine and coastal biodiversity also convened in the evening.

For extensive details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Franz Dejon
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L-R: Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat; SBSTTA 22 Chair Theresa Mundita Lim; Manoela Pessoa de Miranda, CBD Secretariat; and Marianela Araya, CBD Secretariat

Plenary session considering conference room papers

SBSTTA 22 Chair Theresa Mundita Lim

Robert Höft, CBD Secretariat

Yuri Kato, Japan

Vin Fleming, UK

L-R: CBD Deputy Executive Secretary David Cooper and Alexander Shestakov, CBD Secretariat

Scott Wilson, Canada

Fionna Cumming, New Zealand

Boukar Attari, Niger

Jaime Grubb, Australia

Wadzi Mandivenyi, South Africa

José Luis Echeverría Tello, Guatemala

L-R: Georgina Catacora-Vargas, Bolivia; and Edison Mayorga, Venezuela

Astrid Hilgers, the Netherlands

Raed Bani-Hani, Jordan

Marina von Weissenberg, Finland

Anne Teller, EU

Prudence Tangham Galega, Cameroon

Marina Hernandez, Dominican Republic

Edison Mayorga, Venezuela

Larbi Sbaï, Morocco

Kent Nnadozie, Secretary, International Treaty on Plant Genetic
Resources for Food and Agriculture

L-R: SBSTTA 22 Chair Theresa Mundita Lim; Manoela Pessoa de Miranda, CBD Secretariat; and Marianela Araya, CBD Secretariat

Elise Murphy, Australia

Georgina Catacora-Vargas, Bolivia

L-R: Alejandro Masís and Eugenia Arguedas Montezuma, Costa Rica

L-R: Tamara Thomas, Nature Conservancy, and Ruth Spencer, Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme

Delegates from Cambodia

L-R: Johanna Niemivuo-Lahti, Finland; Cristina Romanelli, CBD Secretariat; and Marina von Weissenberg, Finland

L-R: Suneetha Subramanian, International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI); and Clarissa Arida, ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity