Highlights and images for 10 July 2018



Delegates to the second meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI 2) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) continued their deliberations on Tuesday, considering the following agenda items:

  • preparation for the follow-up to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020;
  • a global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism under the Nagoya Protocol on ABS;
  • specialized international ABS instruments under Nagoya Protocol Article 4(4);
  • resource mobilization;
  • the financial mechanism; and
  • capacity building, technical and scientific cooperation, and technology transfer.

An evening contact group met to consider the global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism.

For extensive details on the day’s negotiations and to hear what delegates said in the corridors, see our daily Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Franz Dejon
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L-R: CBD Deputy Executive Secretary David Cooper; Jyoti Mathur-Filipp, CBD Secretariat; and SBI 2 Chair Francis Ogwal (Uganda)

Jyoti Mathur-Filipp, CBD Secretariat

CBD Executive Secretary Cristiana Paşca Palmer

Yibin Xiang, CBD Secretariat

SBI 2 Chair Francis Ogwal (Uganda)

Vinod Mathur, India

Dena Cator, BirdLife International

Keiichi Nakazawa, Japan

Sahoby Ivy Randriamahaleo, Madagascar

Lisama Sabry, Maldives

Dan Leskien, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

Scott Wilson, Canada

Jane Smart, IUCN

Lucy Mulenkei, International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB)

Norbert Bärlocher, Switzerland

Victor Cantón, Uruguay

Katia Karousakis, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Tobias Kiene, International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and

Daniel Hougendobler, World Health Organization

Crisanta Marlene Rodriguez, the Philippines

Mohammad Mahasneh, Palestine

Ines Verleye, Belgium

Mark Zimsky, Global Environment Facility

Marie-May Muzungaile, Seychelles

Alissa Takesy, Federated States of Micronesia

Marie Haraldstad, Norway

Edda Fernández Luiselli, Mexico

Nan Li, WWF

Christian Schwarzer, Global Youth Biodiversity Network

Matilde da Conceição Gomes Lopes, Guinea Bissau

L-R: Luis Ventura-Martinez and Samantha Hautea, Cornell University

L-R: Clara Prip, CBD Secretariat; and Christian Prip, Fridtjof Nansen Institute

SBI 2 Snapshots

Members of the Informal Advisory Committee to the Clearing-House Mechanism

Participants from IUCN

Henry Philippe Ibañez de Novion, Brazil, in conversation with youth participants