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United Nations

The Fifteenth
Meeting of the Parties
to the Montreal Protocol

Nairobi, Kenya, 10 - 14 Nov., 2003 



  Mon 10

  Tue 11

  Wed 12

  Thu 13

   Final    Summary 






Friday, 14 November

The MOP-15 conference was gavelled to a close today at 7:30pm.
During the High-Level segment In the morning, delegates made statements. In the afternoon, the Preparatory Segment was resumed in order to discuss unresolved issues.

UN offices in Nairobi where MOP-15 convened

Pakistan highlighted the importance of addressing issues related to international ilegal trade of ODS

MOP-15 was concluded with a final High-Level Segment where draft decisions were adopted, including the interpretation of the Beijing Ammendment, the extra-ordinary meeting of the Parties (to be held from 24-26 March 2004) in Montreal, Canada.

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Marco González, Executive Secretary of the Ozone Secretariat and Libor Ambrozek (Czech Republic), President of MOP-15

Giuliana Gasparrini, Italy, spoke on behalf of the European Union


Statements of Delegations:

Listen to the presentations of:

Brazilian Ambassador to Kenya, Joaquim Whitaker (on far right), welcomed the financial assistance given by the Multilateral Fund to develop ODS phase-out projects

Buddhi Man Tamang, Nepal, reported that his country has put import licenses in place to stop the illegal trade of ODS

Also listen to:


  • Alexander von Bismarck of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), the only NGO to make a High-Level statement

Mohammed Khalil, Egypt, said his country has reduced over 2000 metric tonnes of ODS in 22 factories

Alexander von Bismarck,
(EIA) urged the transit parties to increase efforts in banning illegal trade

Phillipe Chemouney, Environment Canada

Muth Khieu, Cambodia called, for financial and technical support in order to acheive the goal of phasing-out CFCs in 2010

Abukar Abdi Osman, Somalia, called international communities for assistance in its institution-building

Claudia McMurray, US, said that the nominations for CUEs for methyl bromide will not undermine the Montreal Protocol.

Delegates from Sri Lanka

Duncan Brack, Report Writer for the Ozone Secretariat


Methyl Bromide:

Delegates agreed to establish an extraordinary MOP to be held on March March 24-26, 2004, which will discuss: nominations for CUEs; conditons for granting CUEs; and specific interim reductions for methyl bromide.

Khaled Klaly (Syrian Arab Republic) and Maria Nolan (UK), Co-chairs of OEWG

Tadanori Inomata, Japan, Head of the Multilateral Fund Executive Committee, presented a proposal to modify the terms of reference of the committee

The European Community presented two draft decisions proposing an extraordinary MOP to resolve the issues related to Methyl bromide

US delegates discussing their position on Methyl Bromide

Melanie Miller, Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee member

Marcia Levaggi, Argentina, supported the EC' proposal on the extra-ordinary meeting of the MOP.

Delegate from France

Delegates from the Dominican Republic originally proposed the draft decision on conditions for granting CUEs for Methyl Bromide

Audio/Visual Technitions above the conferece room play a video on the Czech Republic, location of MOP-16 in 2004.

Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Team members (left to right): Leslie Paas (Canada); Karen Alvarenga (Brazil); Kimo Goree (US); Andrey Vavilov (Russia); Changbo Bai (China); and Juliet Jones (US).

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