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Third Meeting of the Conference of the Parties serving as Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

13-17 March 2006| Curitiba, Brazil

Highlights for Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Delegates to the third meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (COP/MOP-3) met in the morning in two working groups (WGs) and in the afternoon in plenary. In the evening, a contact group convened on detailed requirements for documentation and identification of living modified organisms (LMOs) for food, feed or processing (Article 18.2(a)). Working Group I (WG-I) addressed handling, transport, packaging and identification, and risk assessment and management. Working Group II (WG-II) considered capacity building, the roster of biosafety experts, and assessment and review. 

Above photo:
EU delegates discussing a draft decision on capacity building during a session in WG-2.



BELIZE and others favored using a stand-alone document rather than a commercial invoice.

Above photo: Michael Deshield (Belize)


ZIMBABWE noted that only LMO-producing countries have relevant experience.

Above photo: Abisai Mafa (Zimbabwe)
BURKINA FASO noted that that a commercial invoice would be referred to the national authorities responsible for trade, not biosafety.

Above photo: Zourata Lompo Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)

GLOBAL INDUSTRY COALITION explained that a stand-alone document is not necessary to comply with Article 18.2 (b) and (c).

Above photo L-R: Tom Nickson and Doris Ponzoni (GIC)

BRAZIL highlighted capacity concerns related to complying with standards.

Above photo: Hadil da Rocha Vianna (Brazil)

SENEGAL called for rapidly developing standards.

Above photo: Mandiaye Ndiaye (Senegal)


Nigeria, for AFRICA,  favored expanding the compilation of available guidance documents on the Biosafety Information Resource Centre.

Above photo: Ositadinma Anaedu (Nigeria)

The THIRD WORLD NETWORK supported Bolivia's call for public participation in risk assessment.

Above photo: Li Ching Lim (Third World Network)

The FAO drew attention to relevant material produced under the International Plant Protection Convention and the Codex Alimentarius, and to its capacity-building efforts.

Above photo: Brent Larson (FAO)



CUBA suggested replacing poverty reduction strategy papers (PRSPs) with “objectives agreed at other UN Conferences, including the Millennium Development Goals.”

Above photo: Julio Cesár González Manchante (Cuba)

The EU proposed incuding reference to PRSPs, when available or scheduled for revision.

Above photo: Cosima Hufler (Austria)
CAMEROON said mention to PRSPs would increase the burden on developing countries.

Above photo: Mary Fosi Mbantenkhu (Cameroon)



COP/MOP-3 President Raya Nasron ( Malaysia ) requested comments related to the Compliance Committee's voting procedures, cases of repeated non-compliance and review of procedures and mechanisms.

Above photo: COP/MOP-3 President Raya Nasron ( Malaysia ) with Cyrie Shendashonga Secretary of COP/MOP-3.

On measures to address cases of repeated non-compliance, UKRAINE and others said they were willing to consider options at this meeting.

Above photo: Volodymyr Domashlinets (Ukraine)

On voting procedures, NEW ZEALAND and others supported rulings by consensus.

Above photo: Alan Cook (New Zealand)

THAILAND and others, supported qualified majority voting to prevent veto by non-compliant parties.

Above photo: Vithet Srinetr (Thailand)

On review of the procedures and mechanisms, NORWAY and others said it is premature to address the issue at this meeting.

Above photo: Beate Bergluno Ekeberg (Norway)

Compliance Committee Chair, Veit Koster (Denmark), stressed that all existing compliance mechanisms under other agreements  allow decision-making by qualified majority.


The GEF presented a report on ratifying and implementing the Protocol, and noted its assistance in implementing national biosafety frameworks.

Above photo L-R: Paz Valiente and Mario Ramos (GEF)
EL SALVADOR called for more capacity building.

Above photo L-R: Jorge Ernesto Quezada Diaz (El Salvador)
CAMBODIA , highlighted the need to review the GEF's Resource Allocation Framework.

Above photo: Pisey Oum (Cambodia)


The REPUBLIC OF KOREA highlighted concerns regarding potential conflicts with the World Trade Organization (WTO) in implementing the Protocol. 

Above photo: Heung-Kyeong Park (Republic of Korea)

AFRICA said that continuing to request observer status amounted to subordinating the Protocol to the WTO. 

Above photo: Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egzhiaber (Ethiopia)
CBD Executive Secretary Djoghlaf outlined recent developments, highlighting an upcoming meeting with the WTO Director-General.


Above photos L-R: Ren� Lefeber (the Netherlands), Co-Chair of the Working Group on Liability and Redress, introduced the report from the Working Group's second meeting. Gurdial Singh (Malaysia) underscored that many developing countries aim for a legally binding liability and redress instrument.

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