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Late Breaking News from The Biodiversity Convention's COP-3

Updated 18 November 1996

Hands across COP-3: Committee of the Whole chair Louis Currat of Switzerland and financial issues working group chair Mohammad Reza Selamat shake hands at the conclusion of the Biodiversity Convention's third Conference of the Parties.
The third Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity concluded its work at about midday Friday, 15 November. Delegates adopted decisions on financial issues and a work programme, both of which will be reviewed at COP-4, which will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia in May 1998.

At the suggestion of COP-3 President Maria Julia Alsogaray, delegates skipped the final speeches and instead finished the meeting with personal greetings and handshakes. Details of all of COP-3 decisions and a brief analysis of the meeting are in the COP-3 Summary Issue of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. You can also download the Earth Negotiations Bulletin COP-3 summary in either text or PDF format.

The Summary Issue and this page concludes our COP-3 coverage, which included photos and sounds from the negotiations. For highlights of previous days' negotiations, check Late Breaking News for: