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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Monday, 11 June 2007

The fourteenth Conference of the Parties (CoP14) to CITES convened in regional meetings in the morning, and in two committees throughout the rest of the day. Several drafting and working groups also met. Committee I, inter alia, approved the listing of sawfish in Appendix I and eel in Appendix II, and considered listing pink and red corals in Appendix II. Committee II, inter alia, adopted decisions on management of annual export quotas and on the Addis Ababa Principles and Guidelines on Sustainable Use.

Committee I

Morning Session

  Kerry Smith, Australia, proposed listing Pristis microdon (sawfish) on Appendix II with an annotation allowing international trade in live animals to aquaria for primarily conservation purposes.   Mauricio Vargas, Ecuador, on behalf of the Central and South America and the Caribbean Group, supported the original EU proposal to list sawfish in Appendix I.   Harald Martens, Germany, noted that although Pristis microdon deserves an Appendix-I listing, its Australian population is well-managed.  

Afternoon Session

  Stellan Hamrin, Sweden, said that EU range states have now committed to Anguilla anguilla (eel) management measures, including a 50% fishing effort reduction.   Sylvie Lapointe, Canada, said that CITES listing of eels must be accompanied by national management measures.   Noting the popularity of eel meat in his country, Yoshikiyo Kondo, Japan, supported measures to restore eel stocks to stable levels.  
  Andy W. Bruckner, US, introduced a proposal to list all species in the genus Corallium (pink and red corals) in Appendix II.   Simon C. Nemtzov, Israel, supported the listing of corals.   Kevern Cochrane, FAO, said that its Expert Panel had not supported the listing, and that reduced coral production was due to market forces, not declining abundance.  
  Elizabeth Neeley, SeaWeb, stated that FAO’s analysis was flawed as it considered only the remaining number of coral colonies, but not their size.   Ciro Condito, Assocoral, asserted that harvesting of corals is sustainable and that coral populations have not acutely declined.    

Committee II

Morning Session

  Tonny Soehartano, Indonesia, with the support of Jaques Berney, IWMC, presented a proposal to repatriate benefits accruing from the sale of confiscated specimens. Ronasit Maneesai, Thailand, opposed the proposal.  

Afternoon Session

  Pedro Andrade, Brazil, and Abdulnasser Ali Alshamsi, United Arab Emirates, proposed the use of electronic signatures in CITES permits.   Akagou Ledong Henri Charles, Cameroon.  
  Maria del Pilar Pardo Fajardo, Colombia.   Edis Solozano, Venezuela.  


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