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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Thursday, 14 June 2007

Delegates to CITES CoP14 convened in two committees in the morning, and in plenary in the afternoon. Committee I, inter alia, approved a one-off sale of ivory from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and a nine-year "resting period" for ivory trade. Committee II, inter alia, adopted the CITES Strategic Vision, and decisions on sturgeons and paddlefish. Plenary heard the report of the high-level Ministerial Roundtable, addressed budgetary matters, and adopted decisions and recommendations presented by the committees.

Committee I

  AC Sharks Working Group Chair Rob Hay, New Zealand, outlined the sharks working group report.   Paola Deda, CMS, stressed the importance of interagency cooperation on species of common interest, such as migratory sharks.   Sylvie Lapointe, Canada, supported the draft decisions proposed by the sharks working group.  
  Michael Kaingo, Ministry of the Environment, Zambia, on behalf of African countries, presented the compromise Chad and Zambia proposal to amend proposals 4, 5 and 6 on African elephant annotations.   Shuichi Takano, Japan, proposed an amendment aiming to separate the shipment of the one-off sale of ivory agreed at CoP12 from the new shipment authorized by CoP14.   Todd Willens, US, expressed concern over the inclusion of Zimbabwe in the ivory sale.  
  Jochen Flasbarth, Germany, on behalf of the EU.   Patrick Omondi, Kenya, stressed monitoring the impacts of the one-off ivory sale.   Wan Ziming, China.  
  Diana Chimidza, Botswana.   Malan Lindeque, Namibia, underscored the need for a proper decision-making mechanism for future ivory trade.   Willem Wijnstekers, CITES Secretary-General.  

Committee II

  Pedro Andrade, Brazil, supported a draft decision on CITES and livelihoods and proposed minor amendments.   Roddy Gabel, US.   Barney Dickson, Flora and Fauna International, noted that the SC should not consider the review of significant trade when executing its proposed mandate under CITES and livelihoods.  


  Jan Kucera, Czech Republic (left), Kerry Smith, Australia (middle), and Lynda Maltby, Canada (right), announced new members for the Standing Committee for their respective regions.  
  Martijn Lucassen, the Netherlands, supported a 21% budget increase, noting it was necessary to ensure the sustainability and legality of wildlife trade.   Daniel Reifsnyder, US, said they could support a 3% increase and stressed that more transparency is needed in the presentation of information.   Marina Rosales Benites, Peru, noted that some countries can not spare additional resources.  
  Marcel Calvar, Uruguay, sought to reopen discussions on capacity-building provisions in the joint report of the AC/PC.   Tonny Soehartano, Indonesia.  


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