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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Friday, 8 June 2007

The fourteenth Conference of the Parties (CoP14) to CITES convened in two committees throughout the day, and met in plenary in the afternoon. Several drafting and working groups also met. Committee I, inter alia, approved the uplisting of slow lorises and the listing of slender-horned gazelle in Appendix I, and narrowly rejected the listing of two shark species. Committee II addressed, inter alia, transaction codes and compliance, and adopted decisions on capacity building, national laws for CITES implementation, national reports, internet trade, enforcement, and incentives.

Committee I

Morning Session

  Todd Willens, US, proposed deleting Lynx rufus (bobcat) from Appendix II, stating that the species is thriving and well-managed.   Rodrigo Medellín, Mexico, opposed the proposal to de-list Lynx rufus, which he said lacked up-to-date information on bobcat populations.    
  Carolina Caceres, Canada, supported the US proposal.   Marijana Vidakovic, Serbia, opposed the US proposal, highlighting the difficulty in differentiating bobcat pelts from those of more endangered lynx species.    
  Abakar Mahamat Zougoulou, Chad, supported the inclustion of Gazella leptoceros (slender-horned gazelle) in Appendix I.   Fernando Coimbra, Brazil, proposed to downlist its population of Melanosuchus niger (black caiman) from Appendix I to II.    

Afternoon Session

  Chik-chuen Lay, China, noted that shark listing proposals disregarded the conclusions of the FAO expert panel.   Yoshikiyo Kondo, Japan, stressed that the proposed Appendix II listing of porbeagle shark would not control trade within the EU.   Astrid Yeo, Singapore, questioned why recommendations of the European Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries, concerning overexploitation of porbeagle shark, have not been implemented to date.  
  Kevern Cochrane, FAO, asserted that the FAO expert panel had correctly applied CITES listing criteria.   Carrol Muffet, Greenpeace, on behalf of several NGOs, said that the FAO panel’s assessment demonstrates continued resistance from some FAO members to CITES’ involvement in fisheries.    

Committee II

Morning Session

  Jesús Ramos, Venezuela.   Leigh Henry, TRAFFIC.   Edgardo Lizárraga Leguía, Peru.  
  Trevor Salmon, UK.   Manuel Mercado, Mexico.  

Afternoon Session

  Benito Perez, US, proposed deleting the whole document on incentives for implementation of the Convention.   Martin Raspor, Central and Eastern European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity.   James Lutalo, Uganda, supported the proposal on incentives for implementation of the Convention.  

Strategic Vision Working Group

The strategic vision working group discussions continued throughout the day.
  From left to right: Stephen Nash, CITES Secretariat, and Lynda Maltby, Canada.  


Plenary met on Friday afternoon. Committee I Chair Leach and Committee II Chair Cheung highlighted the progress made thus far addressing the issues on their respective agendas.
  Committee I Chair Greg Leach, Australia.   CoP14 Vice-President André van der Zande, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands.   Committee II Chair Chi Sun Cheung, Hong Kong SAR, China.  
  Hans Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, invited delegates to a beach party on Friday evening.   Willem Wijnstekers, CITES Secretary-General.  


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