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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The fourteenth Conference of the Parties (CoP14) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) convened in two committees throughout the day. Several drafting and working groups also met. Committee I, inter alia, voted not to subject whales to a periodic review as long as a moratorium in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) remains in place, approved recommendations on rhinoceroses and established a working group on sharks. Committee II, inter alia, adopted decisions on international cooperation and established working groups on CITES and livelihoods, trade policy reviews, sturgeons, compliance and personal and household effects.

Morning Session

Committee I

  Malan Lindeque, Namibia, cautioned that information on ivory stockpiles is sensitive and must be treated confidentially.   Benson Okita, Kenya, called for the destruction of rhino-horn stockpiles except for education or scientific purposes.    
  Krishna Paudel, Nepal.   Mick J. Reilly, Swaziland.    
  Yoshikiyo Kondo, Japan,proposed a periodic review of all listed cetaceans.   Kerry Smith, Australia, opposed a periodic review of cetaceans, emphasizing current IWC findings on the state of whale stocks.    
  Carolina Dones, Argentina.   Patrice Simon, Canada.    

Committee II

  Carla Cárcamo, Honduras.   Jesús Ramos, Venezuela.    
  Barney Dickson, Fauna and Flora International, said that  reviews should be voluntary, respond to individual party needs, and be directed at implementation policies.   Susan Lieberman, TRAFFIC/WWF.   Ashok Kumar, Wildlife Trust of India, stressed that national wildlife trade policy reviews should be done on a voluntary basis.  
  Mohammad Pourkazemi, Iran, presented the proposal of the SC-54 Working Group on Sturgeons.   Irina Sprotte, Germany, noted that the UNEP-WCMC caviar trave database should be limited to caviar trade information.   Olga Sedykh, Russian Federation, introduced her country's proposal on sturgeons.  


Committee I

  AC Shark Working Group Chair Rob Hay, New Zealand, introduced several AC recommendations on sharks.   John K. Carlson, US, supported the proposed shark listings.   Chick-chuen Lay, China, warned against duplicating FAO work and urged CITES to concentrate on listed species.  
  Martin Jenkins, IUCN.   Amarilis Polonia, Dominican Republic.   Veronica Toral Granda, Ecuador.  

Committee II

  Patricia Dávila, Mexico, emphasized that capacity building should not be funded by the CITES trust fund.   Marina Rosales Benitez, Peru.   Muna Faraj, Kuwait, said that one of the major challenges Arab speaking countries face is that documentation is not translated into Arabic.  
  Marceil Yeater, CITES Secretariat, introduced the document on cooperation between parties and promotion of multilateral measures.   Dietrich Jelden, Germany on behalf of the EU, supported the draft decisions but proposed amendments.  


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