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CITES: Fourteenth Conference of the Parties

3-15 June 2007 | The Hague, the Netherlands

Highlights for Thursday, 7 June 2007

The fourteenth Conference of the Parties (CoP14) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) convened in two committees throughout the day. Several drafting and working groups also met. Committee I addressed, inter alia: the selection of species for periodic review; and listing proposals for timber species, with the EU withdrawing its proposals on cedar and rosewood. Committee II addressed, inter alia, CITES cooperation with ITTO and FAO, rejecting the establishment of a fishery working group.

Committee I

Morning Session

  Roddy Gabel, US.   Zhou Zhihua, China.    
  Jochen Flasbarth, Germany on behalf of the EU, introduced a proposal to list Cedrela odorata (cedar) in Appendix II.   Maria del Pilar Pardo Fajardo, Colombia, underlined information gaps and recommended that range states consider Appendix-III listing of cedar.    
  José Alberto Alvarez, Cuba, said cedar is widely-grown and not endangered.   Fernando Coimbra, Brazil.    

Afternoon Session

  Ken Farr, Canada, supported Brazil's proposal to list Brazil wood (Caesalpinia echinata) in Appendix II.   Manit Jaichagun, Thailand, highlighted ambiguity regarding listing hybrids in CITES appendices.   Steven Johnson, ITTO, urged parties to consult its experts when developing timber listing proposals.  
  Uwe Schippmann, Germany on behalf of the EU.   Jonas M. Lüthy, Switzerland, proposed to amend the annotation to Orchidaceae spp. in Appendix II for the genera Miltonia, Odontoglossum and Oncidium.   David Newton, TRAFFIC.  

Committee II

Morning Session

  Chair of the Budget Working Group Colman O'Criodain, Ireland, reported that presentations by the Secretariat on activities were being considered.   David Brooks, US, highlighted benefits of ITTO cooperation with CITES.  
  Juan Carlos Vasquez, CITES Secretariat, stressed the long history of successful cooperation between CITES and FAO.   Stressing the competence of regional fisheries management organizations, Pedro Andrade, Brazil, stressed that CITES should be species-specific and not consider issues in general terms.  

Afternoon Session

  Diana Chimidza, Botswana.   Jonathan Bardzo, Head of the CITES Convention Support Unit.  
  Committee II Chair Chi Sun Cheung, Hong Kong SAR, China.   Thomas Althaus, Animals Committee Chair, Switzerland.  


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