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United Nations Conference for the Negotiation of a Successor Agreement to the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994, 4th part

16–27 January 2006 | Geneva, Switzerland

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Highlights from Thursday, 19 January 2006

As the end of the first week of negotiations draws near, delegates at the UN Conference for the Negotiation of the Successor Agreement to the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994 (ITTA, 1994), Fourth Part, appear to be moving slowly toward a positive outcome. Working Group I pursued consensus on issues such as sessions of the Council and admission of observers. Working Group II attempted to build on progress achieved within a break-out group on measures for non-submission of statistics, but focused primarily on issues related to finance.


Working Group I

In the morning, Working Group I made progress under the guidance of Chair Attah (Ghana), However, negotiations became entrenched over location, frequency and funding of Council sessions. Late in the afternoon, the seemingly innocuous topic of "admission of observers" opened up a lengthy debate over UN recognition of states and territories.

Sarah Mohan, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Switzerland, observed WGI delegates negotiating definitions for the new Agreement
Ouro - Djeri Essowe, Togo, noted that the definition of tropical forests should include dense forests and plantations and favored keeping the definition as stated in ITTA, 1994
Stephanie Caswell, US, offered language clarifying the need for Council to ensure the availability of sufficient funds to cover the cost of Council sessions
Zhang Zhongtian, China, supported the Japan's proposed language, which would ensure the effective work of the Organization between Council sessions
Junho Ko, Republic of Korea, proposed one annual regular session alternating between Yokohama and venues in other regions
James Gasana, Switzerland, called for greater specificity about the process of deciding on sessions of the Council
Sheam Satkuru-Granzella, Malaysia, said Malaysia would consult its capital on proposals for sessions of the Council (left to right: Aziyah Mohamed, Sheam Satkuru-Granzella and Wan Zaidi Bin Wan Abdullah)
Miyano Michiko, Japan, stated that Japan would only fund one meeting a year if held at Headquarters (left to right: Ohnuma Kiyohito and Miyano Michiko)

Carlos Moreno Mericaechevarria, Advisor, UNCTAD Legal Services, advises delegates on the legal aspects of membership and voting

Working Group II

Working Group II negotiated on possible measures for non-submission of information and statistics.They also discussed language concerning sub-accounts under the Administrative and Special Accounts.

Chair Jürgen Blaser, presented text on the Administrative Acccount
Colita Babb-Schaefer, Barbados, described the proposal of the contact group on statistics, studies and information
Yvan Vassart, France, said that is essential to illustrate types of expenses in the Administrative Account
Daniel Birchmeier, Switzerland, suggested deleting bracketed text on suspension of voting rights for non-submission of statistics
Marcel Vernooij, The Netherlands, said that Council should be able to suspend voting rights of members who do not comply with statistics requirements
Luiz Cesar Gasser, Brazil, introduces Producer Group proposal on the Administrative Account
Mbella Mbella, Cameroon, suggested that we are making the text on the Administrative Account too complex and that we are overloading the text with details
Rubén Dario Guerrero Useda, Colombia, said that members already make commitments to implement the agreement when they ratify it, are likely to comply with provision of statistics
Luiz Cesar Gasser, Brazil, and David Brooks, US, attempted to find convergence on funding proposals for the Administrative Account 
Daniel Birchmeier, Switzerland, and Manoel Sobral Filho, ITTO Executive Director, consulted on the administrative and operational costs of the Administrative Account

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