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Friday, 9 February 2007

Bird's-eye View of the closing Plenary


24th Session of the UNEP Governing Council /Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC-24/GMEF) concludes its work
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Closing Plenary


UNEP Deputy Executive Director Shafqat Kakakhel, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner, and GC President Roberto Dobles



COW Chair Jan Dusik, Czech Republic, reporting the outcomes of the COW to Plenary



Indonesia, on behalf G-77/China (right), said the issues of globalization and UN reform are of particular importance for developing countries, and proposed that UNEP facilitate consultations among environment and other relevant ministers at GC-25/GMEF. He cited decisions on chemicals, SIDS and support to Africa among the meeting’s successes, urging accelerated implementation of the Bali Strategic Plan and the Gender Plan of Action, and strengthened UNEP regional presence.



Osita Anaedu, Nigeria (left), said that the eyes of Africa are upon UNEP Executive Director Steiner and acknowledged his inspiring leadership. He also expressed hope that UNEP would grow in stature, commensurate with other UN headquarters.

Mahmood Khwaja, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), Pakistan, representing civil society (left), expressed appreciation of the possibilities for civil society involvement in GC-24/GMEF, noting that the recently established Global Civil Society Steering Committee will further promote civil society participation in UNEP governance. Reacting to the decision on chemicals, and especially mercury, Michael Bender, the Zero Mercury Working Group (not pictured), lamented that “collective actions had not matched words”.  He called for a legally binding agreement to protect human health and the environment and welcomed the establishment of the ad hoc working group


Noting the innovative and historic nature of GC-24/GMEF, GC President Roberto Dobles (left) said the week had identified the challenges and opportunities before GC-25 and urged intensified efforts to deliver on the decisions adopted. Committing to pursuing the objective of being carbon neutral, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner (right) highlighted some of the figures involved in making GC-24/GMEF happen, including: the need to plant 15,000 trees to offset the energy used in the meeting, and 5,200 trees to offset the CO2 emissions from air travel. He urged peace-making and diplomacy and highlighted the importance of even small steps in taking the challenge of taking environmental issues forward.

Committee of the Whole
During the morning COW, chemicals management contact group chair Donald Hannah requested more time for the contact group to conclude its work
Contact Group: Chemicals Management
Chemicals management co-chairs Abiola Olanipekun, Nigeria, and Donald Hannah, New Zealand, with members of the US delegation



Special Event: EU Mercury Strategy and Spanish Policies for the Control of Mercury Emissions

This event presented the EU and Spanish initiatives on the control, reduction and banning of mercury.
Timo Makela, European Commission, Nicolas Martin Cinto, Spain, and  Jaime Alejandre
Photos from the closing press conference


Miscellaneous Photos
ENB writers Xenya Cherny and Leonie Gordon chatting with UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner



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