7th Session of the Conference of the Parties 
to the United Nations Convention 
to Combat Desertification 

17-28  October 2005, Nairobi, Kenya 


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Highlights for Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Delegates to COP-7 met in morning and afternoon sessions and began their deliberations in the seventh session of the Committee for Science and Technology (CST) and the fourth meeting of the Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC-4). The morning plenary heard statements by Parties, the UN agencies, and observers. The CST met in the afternoon to address the roster of independent experts, the survey and evaluation of existing networks, and the improving of the efficiency and effectiveness of the CST. CRIC-4 also met in an afternoon session to consider implementation of the Convention and the Global Mechanism (GM).

Above photo: Delegates huddle in informal consultations along the breezeway.

PLENARY: statements by parties, un agencies, AND observerS

Above photos L-R: Hama Arba Diallo, Executive Secretary of the UNCCD consulting with COP-7 President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya. President Musyoka opened the morning Plenary for general statements; Cherryl Gordon (Jamaica), speaking on behalf of the G-77/China, expressed concern regarding the current lack of support for multilateralism. 

Above photos L-R: Jackeline Mendoza (Venezuela), speaking on behalf of Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), emphasized the emerging challenge of meeting rising demands for food; Bongani Masuku (Swaziland), speaking on behalf of the African Group, called for financial support to African countries for preparation of reports to CRIC-5.

Above photos L-R: Josceline Wheatley (UK), speaking on behalf of the EU, highlighted recent developments that could support the UNCCD, including debt relief and increased aid, and called for efforts to maximize institutional efficiency; Sanchanka Uladzimiz (Belarus), speaking on behalf of the Central and Eastern Europe , introduced efforts and progress made in UNCCD implementation by the region since COP-6, noting most of the countries in the region have developed national action programmes (NAPs).

Above photos L-R: Lucien Manga, World Health Organization, emphasized the health effects of land degradation including disease and malnutrition; Trevor Sankey, UNESCO, introduced its initiatives and projects in education and awareness raising in sustainable land management; UNEP, described its support to the UNCCD, including activities designed to ensure that environment and development programs are mutually beneficial (Bakary Kante, UNEP). The WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION highlighted its efforts to link desertification with underlying causes such as climate change, and its use of new early warning technologies (Michel Jarraud, Secretary General to the WMO) and David McCauley, introduced the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) initiatives and projects in addressing land degradation problems in the Asia and Pacific region such as a project on dust and sand storms in East Asia .

Noting that 90% of the Arab world falls within arid and semi-arid lands, ARAB CENTRE FOR THE STUDIES OF ARID ZONES AND DRY LANDS highlighted their efforts to address desertification within the region, and requested assistance from developed countries for fulfilling their NAPs. 

Above photo: Abdelgawad Gilani (
Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands) 

CLIMATE NETWORK AFRICA, on behalf of the NGO community, highlighted the role that civil society has played in the CCD and their need for further funding to support such role. 

Above photo: Susy Wandera (Climate Network Africa)

Committee on Science and Technology (CST): 

Above photos L-R: Chair Viorel Blujdea ( Romania ) opened the seventh session of the CST in the afternoon; David Mouat, Chairperson of the Group of Experts (GoE), summarized the analysis of the reports, highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of national reporting, and noted progress made on thematic issues; Timo Maukonnen, UNEP, outlined the interim progress report of the project “Survey and evaluation of existing networks, institutions, agencies and bodies.
Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention: 

Above photos L-R: CRIC-3 Chair Mohamed Mahmoud Ould El Ghaouth (Mauritania) opened the session; a contact group, chaired by Ositadinma Anaedu
Nigeria) (above center) on the draft decision for the review of the implementation of the Convention submitted by the CRIC Chair was established;
delegates in discussion during the contact group.


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