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The World Summit on Sustainable Development
Fourth Preparatory Committee (WSSD PrepCom
Bali, Indonesia | 25 May - 7 June 2002  

Tuesday, 4 June

Delegates met for a brief Informal Plenary in the morning, during which Chair Salim said that informal consultations would continue throughout the day on outstanding issues. Working Group III met throughout the day and into the evening to continue negotiations on sustainable development governance. The contact group on good governance met in the morning while the contact group of finance and trade also met in the morning and afternoon sessions. A Plenary was convened in the evening to discuss the Draft Plan of Implementation for the WSSD and elements for a draft political document.


During a morning Plenary, Chair Emil Salim announced that he would be holding informals all day with the assistance of Ambassadors from Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia, and that Plenary would reconvene at 8:00 pm.

In the evening Plenary, Chair Salim
presented his preliminary ideas for the elements to be contained in a political declaration. He said the political declaration was needed to support the implementation of the Bali Commitment. He said sustainable development will result through poverty eradication, changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, and managing the natural resource base.

JoAnne DiSano, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, with Chair Emil Salim

Vicente Vallenilla, Venezuela, with Chair Salim

The G-77/China
said that the Chair's preliminary ideas can serve as an index to be developed by governments.

called for an inclusive process in the preparation of the declaration to include commitments that governments will have to undertake in order to attain sustainable development. 

stressed the role of technology cooperation for sustainable development is often not adequately reflected, as one of the vehicles to reach the goals of sustainable development.
Working Group III: Governance 
Rod Holesgrove, DESA, and Co-Chair Lars-Göran Engfeldt, Sweden
Mexico during the discussions on governance

The United States during the negotiations on governance

Co-Chair Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria (center), speaks with delegates
Tibor Faragó, Hungary
The room during the governance session
Contact Group: Finance
Chair John Ashe, Antigua and Barbuda (left)
Delegates during the contact group
Himmat Singh, Malaysia
The Secretariat distributes revised text during the contact group on finance and trade
Miscellaneous Photos:
Delegates watch Korea and Poland during the World Cup, while the television broadcasting Plenary is on the left  

Martin Kohr, Third World Network, with William Pace, International NGO Task Group on Legal and Institutional Matters, during a side event on Global Governance for Sustainable Development and the Environment

Steve Sawyer, Greenpeace and Margot Wallström, European Commission, during a side event titled "Power to Tackle Poverty: What commitments on renewable energy need to come out of Johannesburg?"

Panel during the side event on renewable energy

During a press conference, NGOs calls on governments to make corporations more accountable and Greenpeace discusses the release of their report "Corporate Crimes," which contains case studies of corporate crime in support of the call for an international instrument on corporate accountability and liability.

Yin Shao Loong (Third World Network), Kenny Bruno (Groundwork), Marcelo Furtado (Greenpeace), Von Hernandes (Greenpeace), Bobby Peck (Earth Summit) and Matt Philips (Groundwork)

Photos from a Greenpeace/Friends of the Earth Action on Corporate Responsibility

Andrey Vasiliev and Zehra Aydin, DESA, speak with Remy Parmentier, Greenpeace





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