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(Images and RealAudio)

The World Summit on Sustainable Development
Fourth Preparatory Committee (WSSD PrepCom-IV)
Bali, Indonesia | 25 May - 7 June 2002

Wednesday, 5 June

Indonesian President Megawati Soekarnoputri opened the High-Level Ministerial segment after an address by UN Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette. A ministerial interactive dialogue on the issue of implementation  followed and continued throughout the day. An Informal Plenary was held in the evening to consider elements for a political declaration. Working Group III met in an afternoon session to discuss sustainable development governance. Discussion of partnerships was held during the afternoon, and informal-informal consultations to resolve outstanding issues on the Draft Plan of Implementation for the WSSD took place throughout the day and into the evening.  

High Level Ministerial Segment

Louise Fréchette, UN Deputy Secretary-General,  underscored the human-environment relationship as a core concern for Johannesburg, stressed concrete targets and timelines, and partnerships linked to the implementation programme.  She urged "matching aspirations with actions.

Her Excellency Megawati Soekarnoputri, President of the Republic of Indonesia
welcomed everyone to Indonesia, and expressed appreciation to the UN for organizing PrepCom IV in Bali. She called for cooperative efforts for sustainable development, including capacity building and accessible and affordable science and technology.
A gamelan orchestra

Co-Chairs of the Global Environment Facility of the Ministerial Roundtable on Financing for Environment and Sustainable Development: Kjell Larsson, Swedish Environment Minister, and Mohammed Valli Moosa, South African Minister for Environmental Affairs and Tourism, and Precious Ngelale, Minister of State of Water Resources, Nigeria, speaking on behalf of the African Ministers Conference on Water.

Mohammed Valli Moosa, South African Minister for Environmental Affairs and Tourism, noted that the Summit can ensure that actions for environmental sustainability achieve Millennium Development goals

In his statement later, Kjell Larsson called for consideration of the ethical dimension of sustainable development. He called for, inter alia, decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, a task force on global public goods, and corporate accountability for multinational corporations.


Precious Ngalale, Nigerian Minster of State of Water Resources, emphasized water and sanitation as one of  Africa's main crises. 

Colombian Environment Minister Juan Mayr
stressed the importance of discussing the ethical and cultural dimensions of sustainable development. (Real Audio in Spanish)
Siv Fridlefsdottir, Minister of Environment (Iceland) 

Venezuela, for the G-77/China,

Spain, for the EU, 

Delegation of the Slovak Republic, headed by Lásló Miklós, Minister of Environment (near right)
Jan Pronk, Secretary-General's Special Special Envoy to the WSSD
The Algerian delegation

Børge Brende, Norwegian Minister of Environment, supported, inter alia, adding improved sanitation to the goals of the Summit, good governance paralleled by international will to support developing countries in their fight against poverty.

German Environment Minister Jurgen Trittin
noted that the Kyoto Protocol is a manifestation of the precautionary principle, and that the deficit in implementation must be overcome

Trittin with New Zealand and Japan (above)

Japan during the Ministerial-High level segment 

Jan Pronk, Netherlands, with JoAnne DiSano, Director, Division for Sustainable Development

IUCN, articulated concern over preparations for WSSD, questioning the value-added of a world Summit when many existing commitments are not being implemented and indicators are still downward.

Paula Dobriansky, US,
highlighted the implementation of concrete actions to achieve international agreed goals, stressed that sustainable development begins at home and called for an emphasis on partnerships

Working Group III: Governance

Co-Chair Ositadinma Anaedu, Nigeria

Co-Chairs Diane Quarless, Jamaica, and Jan Kára, Czech Republic

The US during the discussion on partnership asked that text reflect potential capacity building needs.


Photos from the Negotiating Group
Informal ministerial meeting with heads of international organizations

Left to right: Mohammed El-Ashry, GEF CEO, Godwin OP Obasi, WMO, Ian Johnson, World Bank, Chair Emil Salim, Nitin Desai, Secretary-General of the WSSD, UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer, and Kim Hak-Su, ESCAP Executive Director

Photos from UNEP's World Environment Day Reception

(right photo) Klaus Toepfer, UNEP Executive Director, and Tahar-Hadj Sadok, Climate Change Secretariat

Klaus Toepfer, UNEP Executive Director, with former UNEP Executive Directors Mustafa Tolba (left) and Maurice Strong (right)

UN Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette delivers a message from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
Miscellaneous Photos:

Ministers from India and China speaking in the corridors


Indonesian NGOs "sit in" at the conference center

NGOs walk backwards through the conference center to illustrate the direction that the process is moving in

Yin Shao Loong, Third World Network, intervenes on a side event with the US delegation on partnerships

A delegate watches the Plenary broadcast outside the conference room



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