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Fourth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests 
Geneva, Switzerland, 3- 14 May 2004

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Monday, 10 May

Today, delegates met in parallel working groups to begin negotiating the vice-chair's texts. In the morning, social and cultural aspects of forests and enhanced cooperation were worked on. In the afternoon, vice-chair's text was negotiated for forest-related scientific knowledge and monitoring, assessment and reporting and criteria and indicators (MAR/C&I).

Statue at Building E, Palais des Nations, location of the
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 AM Working Group 1: Social and Cultural Aspects of Forests (SCAF)

Jan McAlpine, US, proposed, and delegates agreed, to retain poverty eradication instead of poverty reduction in the vice-chair's draft text.


Dairmuid McAree (Ireland) on behalf of the EU, proposed replacing poverty eradication with poverty reduction in the text.

Working Group 1 Chair Xolisa Mabhongo invited general comments on the vice-chair's draft text on the social and cultural aspects of forests.

Charlotte Cudby, New Zealand, recommended distinguishing between access to genetic resources and benefits from forests goods and services.

Regarding social impact assessments, canadian Delegates Ralph Roberts,
Anne Castle, and Bill Singleton (above photo, left to right) expressed concerns about the Akwé:Kon guidelines' methodology.

Faisal Abdullah Al-Athba (Qatar) and Linda Mossop-Rousseau (South Africa) on behalf of the G77/China, proposed synthesizing all preambular paragraphs into a single preambular paragraph.

Tony Bartlett, Australia, suggested adopting the language of the draft decision negotiated at UNFF-2, which highlights lessons learned from country experiences.

The US proposed adding a reference to the work of IUFRO's Special Programme for Developing countries.


PM  Working Group 1: Forest Related Scientific Knowledge (FRSK)

Delegates discussed the vice-chair's draft text on Forest Related Scientific Knowledge. After extensive discussions, Chair Xolisa Mabhongo suggested that delegates discuss the resolution informally tomorrow afternoon or on Wednesday morning.

Bill Singleton, Canada, recommended that support for forest-related research and for capacity-building be provided when developing countries have themselves identified forest-related research as a priority.

The Russian Federation warned that the draft text could narrow down the scope of research as compared to the broader definition of the IPF/IFF proposals for action.

Participants considering draft decision amendments in the PM Working Group 2 session.

Mike Macnamara, Australia, proposed adding language in several paragraphs stressing progress already achieved in enhancing cooperation.


 AM Working Group 2: Enhanced Cooperation:

Delegates to Working Group 2 discussed the vice chair's draft text on enhanced cooperation and policy and program coordination.

Working Group 2 panel members Susan Braatz (UNFF Secretariat) and Chair Ngurah Swajaya.

Dyebo Mancarthy, Nigeria, proposed listing particular regional bodies.


Ireland, on behalf of the EU, proposed adding to the preamble a reference to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) decision, which emphasizes SFM as a means of implementing the ecosystem approach.

Working Group 2 participant Sandra Limacher, Switzerland, suggested using a preambular paragraph used at previous UNFF sessions.

Above photo, left to right: Tasso Azevedo (Brazil) with Peruvian delegates José Antonio Doig and colleague participating in the AM Working Group 2 Session.

Denyse Rousseau and Mark Fullerton, Canada, proposed inviting the Rio convention Secretariats to inform UNFF-5 of planned forest-related joint activities.

PM Working Group 2: Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting (MAR); Criteria and Indicators (C&I) & Ad Hoc Expert Group.

Delegates at work during the afternoon Working Group 2 session.

Working Group 2 Chair Stephanie Caswell reading out revised draft decision text.

G77/China proposed deleting preambular paragraphs in the draft decision recognizing the connection between MAR and C&I and welcomed CPF work on streamlining reporting. On including forests in poverty reduction strategies, it suggested taking note of the seven thematic elements instead of endorsing them.

Norway suggested highlighting the GEF's Operational Program #15 on Sustainable Land Management within a general section on enhanced cooperation.

Rado Dimitrov (ENB) and Paolo Vincentini (Italy).

Delegates from Portugal.

Stewart Wilson, NGO Representative, and Robert Hendricks, US discussing the draft decision before the meeting.

Delegates waiting for the G77/China to complete their internal coordination meeting in order to start the session.


Statue in front of the Palais' "E Building", location of the UNFF-4.


The clouds lifted this morning after a week of rainy weather, revealing this view from the Palais' Serpent Café.

Sunshine illuminating one of the Palais Peacock's plumes.

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