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Fourth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests 
Geneva, Switzerland, 3- 14 May 2004
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Wednesday, 5 May

On Wednesday, delegates convened in morning and afternoon plenary sessions to consider presentations on country experiences and lessons learned in African countries. In the afternoon, Working Group I discussed the social and cultural aspects of forests, while Working Group II monitoring, assessment and reporting (MAR).

Every morning, delegates to UNFF-4 peruse relevant conference documents, including the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB).

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Panel Members (left to right): Ruth Mubiru; El-Hadji Sène; Grégoire Nkeoua; Judith Mbula Bahemuka; Pekka Patosaari; Yuriy Isakov; Moncef Khane; Samuel Nguiffo; Yemi Katerere; Frank Kufakwandi; Tobias Takavarsha.

Judith Mbula Bahemuka moderated the Africa Day session.

El-Hadji Sène presented highlights from FAO's Forestry Outlook Study for Africa.

Frank Kufakwandi spoke on the constraints and opportunities in the implementation of sustainable forest management and the IPF/IFF Proposals for action in Africa.


Africa Day Panel:

UNFF-4 Chair Yuriy Isakov (Russian Federation) explained that the outcomes of "Africa Day" will contribute to the high-level segments of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2004.

Pekka Patosaari, Coordinator and Head of the UNFF Secretariat, emphasized the role of regional cooperation, highlighting recent forest-related initiatives.

Moderator Judith Mbula Bahemuka (Kenya) explained that African Day aims to: highlight the role of forests in rural development and poverty alleviation in Africa; share knowledge and lessons learned; strengthen SFM partnerships; and promote stronger African participation in the UNFF process.

Listen to:

UNFF-4 delegates arriving for the the Africa day session.

Grégoire Nkeoua, in his keynote speech,
spoke on the importance of regional cooperation mechanisms.

Africa Day Panelist Yemi Katerere made a call for action on sustainable forest management in Africa.

Samuel Nguiffo presented on the challenges of law enforcement and illegal forest activities.


Ruth Mubiru reviewed the challenges and lessons learned of the tree planting movement in Uganda.

Tobias Takavarsha elaborated on the role of forests in the implementation of NEPAD and cooperation between NEPAD and UNFF.

Gabon (above right) said forestry could attract investment if integrated with other sectors.

Monique Radiharisoa, Madagascar, underscored the importance of evaluating ecological services of forests.

Senegal stressed the need to balance agriculture and forests.

France commended the Congo Basin Partnership, and highlighted the importance of long-term donors support in the region.


Hiroshi Kudo
warned that social conflicts can inhibit SFM.

Above photo, left to right: Working Group 1 Panelists Jorge Illueca, UNFF Secretaria; Chair Xolisa Mabhongo; and Yeme Katerere, Assist Director General, CIFOR.

João Maurício Cabral de Mello, Brazil, asking for the floor.


  Working Group 1: Culture and Social Aspects of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).

Listen to Yemi Katarere CIFOR, presented the discussion points, including mainstreaming of social and cultural aspects of forests in NFPs and SFM strategies and considering lessons learned on decentralization and devolution of authority.

Australian delegate Mike Macnamara participating in Working Group 1 discussions.


Susan Braatz, UNFF Secretariat, introduced the Report on MAR.


Working Group 2: MAR

Working Group 2 discussed the Report on Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting (MAR). Peter Holmgren, FAO, presented the report on MAR. He underscored that although information is still missing and that national capacity building is needed, there has been progress on national forest assessments, streamlining and reporting, and harmonization of definitions.

Working Group 2 Chair Stephanie Caswell.

Denis Byrne (Ireland), spoke on behalf of the Eurpean Union, Bulgaria and Romania.

Canadian Delegates Ralph Roberts and Mark Fullerton participating in Working Group 2 Discussions.


Above photo, second and third from left: Aarne Reunala , Director General of the Forest Department, Finland discussing issues with Christian Küchli of the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forestry and Landscape (SAEFL).

Above photo, left to right: David Humphreys, Open University (UK) conversing with Swedish Delegates Elisabeth Corell, Elisa Peter and Gunilla Reischl.

Indigeonous representatives holding informal discussions.

Delegates and NGO representatives organizations meeting informally.

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