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Fourth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests 
Geneva, Switzerland, 3- 14 May 2004
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Friday, 7 May

Today, delegates reconvened in working groups in the morning to continue the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue (MSD), and in the afternoon to continue work on traditional forest-related knowledge (TFRK) and to begin work on the process for the review of the effectiveness of the international arrangement on forests (REIAF).


The famous globe of the Palais des Nations.
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Jeff Sayer, Working Group 1 Partnerships Moderator gave a thourough summary of the multi-stakeholder dialogue on partnerships.


AM Working Group 1: Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Partnerships

Listen to introductory interventions made by major groups:

Workers and Trade Unions Representative.


Judith Mbula Bahemuka, Kenya.

Ivar Korsbakkeh, Norway .

Charlotte Cudby, New Zealand, said an indigenous chamber was added to its national Forest Stewardship Council working group.



Russel Diabo, National Aboriginal Forestry Association, Canada, noted the importance of social indicators in partnership evaluation.

Joseph Kobina, Scientific and Technological Communities, reminded participants that there are many working partnerships already in place.

Representatives of the Women major group.

Outi Orenius (above, left), spoke for the Children and Youth major group.

Stewart Wilson, NGO Representative.


Pham Minh Thoa, Vietnam.

Safiya Samman, US.

PM  Working Group 1: Traditional Forest Related Knowledge

Jorge Illueca, UNFF Secretariat.


Xolisa Mabhongo, pm Working Group 1 Chair.

Manuel Guariguata, CBD Secretariat.

Anne Castle, Canadian delegate.

José Antonio Doig, Peru, spoke on behalf of G77/China.

Representative of Workers and Trade Unions


AM Working Group 2: Capacity Building

WORKERS AND TRADE UNIONS emphasized capacity for combating drought and poverty. INDIGENOUS PEOPLES said information should be understandable, timely, well translated and widely disseminated. WOMEN stressed that women need communication capacity in order to better understanding their own needs and to address policy accordingly.

Moderator of the Capacity Building Working Group Peter Mayer.

Representative of Women major group.

Kittisak Rattanakrajangsri (above, left) Hubertus Samangon (above right) represented Indigenous peoples.

Representative of Farmers and Small Forest Land Owners major group.

Above photo, left to right: Children and Youth representatives Peter Wood, Richard Fuckner and Siti Indriasari Galuh Sekar Arum.

PM Working Group 2: Review Process. In the afternoon, Working Group 2 considered a Secretariat's proposal on a process to facilitate the review of the effectiveness of the international arrangement on forests.

Above photo, left to right: Pekka Patosaari, UNFF Secretariat; Chairman Ngurah Swajaya (Indonesia); and Susan Braatz, UNFF Secretariat.

Delegate from New Zealand.


Delegate from China.

Delegates from Ireland.

Above photo, Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) UNFF-4 team leader Andrew Baldwin.

Above photo, left to right: Maria Gutierrez and Rado Dimitrov of the ENB.

UNFF-4 Side Event: Role of Professional Societies in Forestry Related Knowledge. Richard Fuckner of Germany (above , left) spoke on the International Forestry Student Association role in forestry related knowledge.

CNFF met during the lunch break today.

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