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Fourth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests 
Geneva, Switzerland, 3- 14 May 2004
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Tuesday, 4 May 2004

This morning, delegates to the UNFF-4 resumed discussions on the status of the UNFF Secretariat, considered a presentation on national reporting, and heard presentations on enhanced cooperation with the Rio conventions, which carried into the afternoon. Also in the afternoon, Working Group I heard the results of the ad hoc expert group on finance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies (AHEG FINTEST), while Working Group II continued work on enhanced cooperation.


View from the building of the Palais des Nations, location of UNFF-4.
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UNFF-4 delegates attending today's plenary session.

Panel Members (left to right) Susan Braatz, Pekka Patosaari; Yuriy Isakov; and Moncef Khane.

Pekka Patosaari, Coordinator of the UNFF Secretariat

Jorge Illueca, UNFF Secretariat, presented results from national reports submitted by several countries.


Country Statements:

Listen to:

National Reports:

Listen to Jorge Ilueca presenting on trends in forestry.

UNFF-4 Chair Yuriy Isakov

Rony Soerakoesoemah, ASEAN, highlighted the need to link forestry to poverty alleviation, to share information and to strengthen cooperation.

Kenneth Nyasuly stressed Malawi's need to develop suitable institutional frameworks in forest management.


Central African Republic reported progress in forest-related conflict management and educational programs in its country statement.

Dyebo Mancarthy said that Nigeria had recently submitted its national report.

Renato A. de Rueda, Philippines.

Mohd. Yusoff Mydin, Malasia.

Bill Singleton, Canada.

Jan MacAlpine, US, underscored the voluntary nature of UNFF-reporting and said that countries could selectively report on those IPF/IFF proposals for action that are of national priority.

Mezali Mohamed, Algeria, indicated that since 90% of Algeria has a Saharan climate, reforestation is urgent and requires aid.

Carlos Noton, Chile, said that its national report had helped Chile to analyze its progress in implementation strengths and weaknesses.

(Above, left to right) Matthias Schwoerer and Matthias Reich, Germany, requested an overview of the implementation of all IPF/IFF proposals for action.

Above Photo (left to right) Antônio Pedra (Brazil), Boris Romaguer (Canada) and Tasso Azevedo (Brasil).

   Enhanced Cooperation:

Henning Wuester, UNFCCC
, presented on new modalities for afforestation and reforestation projects under the Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC.


Presentations in Real Audio:

- Overview on views of collaboration between UNFF-4 and CBD by Susan Braatz

- Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF)
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Rui Zheng, UNCCD, reported on activities undertaken by the UNCCD in relation to forests and ecosystems.

Kanta Kumari, GEF, presented the scope of GEF modalities that could support the implementation of the IPF/IFF proposals for action.


Hosny El-Lakany, CPF, reported on the CPF progress since UNFF-3.

Manuel Guariguata, CBD, stressed the value of cooperation between the CBD and UNFF.


Above photo: Working Group 1 panelists.

Knut Øistad, Norway, presented the AHEG FINTEST report.

Working Group 1: AHEG FINTEST

Listen to the summary report of the ad hoc expert group on finance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies (AHEG FINTEST), presented by Knut Øistad, chair of the AHEG FINTEST.

Working Group 2: Enhanced Cooperation

Working Group 2 continued the discussions on Enhanced Cooperation with the Rio conventions.

QATAR, on behalf of the G-77/CHINA, stressed the need for cooperation between UNFF and the three Rio conventions.

Above photo (left to right) Working Group 2 panelists Susan Braatz, UNFF Secretariat, and Chairman Ngurah Swajaya (Indonesia).


The entrance to Salle XVIII, where delegates to UNFF-4 meet.

The main entrance to the building of the Palais des Nations where the conference is being held.


Selected artwork on display in the halls at the Palais des Nations.

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