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Highlights for Thursday, 10 December 2015

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A View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

During the final days of the negotiations, delegates huddle in the corridors
before receiving the revised draft Paris outcome

A giant mechanical polar bear built by Greenpeace welcomes delegates to the venue,
reminding them of the importance of reaching an ambitious climate agreement

On Thursday, 10 December, negotiations continued on the draft Paris outcome. Following all night consultations, parties met informally in the afternoon.

The open-ended group of legal and linguistic experts conducting the review of the paragraphs of the draft agreement forwarded by the Comité de Paris also met in the afternoon.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) plenary considered agenda items and adopted decisions on organizational matters, matters related to finance and the reports of the subsidiary bodies, capacity building, the Adaptation Committee, and the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), among other items.

Also in the afternoon, the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) plenary considered agenda items and adopted decisions, including on: organizational matters; issues related to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI); and the report of the high-level ministerial on increased ambition of Kyoto Protocol commitments.

A revised draft Paris outcome text was presented in the Comité de Paris at 9:00pm, which then closed to allow for consultations by parties. An “indaba of solutions” then convened throughout the night to address all remaining unresolved items in the text.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth
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Comité de Paris

View of the dais before the start of the Comité de Paris

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres and
COP 21/CMP 11 President Laurent Fabius,
Foreign Minister, France

Halldór Thorgeirsson, UNFCCC Director for Strategy, and
Laurence Tubiana, COP 21/CMP 11 Presidency

The revised draft Paris outcome is distributed to delegates

US Special Envoy for Climate Change
Todd Stern and Trigg Talley, US

The delegation from Venezuela

Abdullah K. Tawlah, Saudi Arabia

Delegates from the Bahamas, and Antigua and Barbuda

The Norwegian delegation

Gurdial Singh, Malaysia

COP/CMP Plenary

L-R: Dan Bondi Ogolla, UNFCCC Secretariat; Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary; COP 21/CMP 11 Vice-President Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla, Senegal; June Budhooram, COP Secretary; and Johanna Lissinger Peitz, COP 21/CMP 11 Rapporteur

COP 21/CMP 11 Vice-President Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla, Senegal

June Budhooram, COP Secretary

Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological
Advice (SBSTA) Chair Lidia Wojtal, Poland

Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) Chair Amena Yauvoli, Fiji

The COP Vice-President hits the gavel as decisions are adopted by the parties

Diann Black-Layne, Antigua and Barbuda

Bernarditas Muller, Bolivia, speaking on behalf of the G-77/China

Observers during plenary

Momentum for Change

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opens the Momentum for Change event

Teresa Ribera, Momentum for Change

Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson, UNFCCC Secretariat

Various initiatives are recognized during the event

Audience members applaud the work achieved by the negotiators thus far

Civil Society Actions

Delegates leave messages in a large banner that lines the entrance to the venue

Members from Carbon Market Watch advocate for the protection of human rights

As the negotiations near a conclusion, the Eiffel Tower replica within the venue is adorned with messages for negotiators

Around the Venue

Delegates collect their copy of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) to keep track of the negotiations

Brazilian delegates during the COP/CMP plenary

A delegate from Hungary

Delegates from Haiti

Members of the media document the start of plenary

Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary, speaks with Dan Bondi Ogolla, UNFCCC Secretariat, and COP 21/CMP 11 Vice-President Cheikh Ndiaye Sylla, Senegal

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks with
Ségolène Royal, Minister of the Environment, France

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
Executive Director Achim Steiner

Delegates meet informally thoughout the day

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