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The World Summit on Sustainable Development

Highlights from Friday, 30 August 2002

Delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) convened in Plenary to hear statements from non-State observers in morning and afternoon sessions. Ministerial consultations in the "Johannesburg setting"  were convened in the morning, afternoon and evening to address key political issues referred by the Vienna setting. The contact group on means of implementation met in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The Vienna setting convened in morning and evening sessions to continue reviewing outstanding text. Left photo: Young traditional dance performers entertaining the crowds at Ubuntu Village.

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30 August Summary


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Main Committee:

In the afternoon and evening the "Johannesburg setting" met for ministerial consultations on outstanding political issues forwarded from the Vienna setting. Ministers and senior-level delegates addressed targets on sanitation, energy access, production and consumption, renewable energy, energy subsidies, natural resources, the Kyoto Protocol and biodiversity. In the evening, the group considered common but differentiated responsibilities.

The Vienna setting met in the morning where it heard a report from the contact group on means of implementation and then addressed outstanding language on: the world solidarity fund; the chapeau to the chapter on protecting and managing the sustainable resource base; and references to countries with economies in transition with regard to environmentally-sound technologies.
Partnership Plenaries: Statements by non-state entities

Carol Bellamy, UNICEF, called for safe drinking water in all primary schools and separate sanitation facilities for girls and boys, and said that quality basic education, especially for girls, will enable one generation to make a significant developmental leap.

Mark Malloch Brown,UNDP, stressed the population issue and environmental protection as an investment rather than a cost.

Gerard Doornbos, DUTCH FARMERS ASSOCIATION called for establishing regional capacity-building funds to support partnerships, including with IFAD.

Left photo: Rio Convention Executive Secretaries during an afternoon press conference.

Hamdallah Zedan, CBD, noted progress since Rio, including the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, and called for conservation incentives; developed country examination of aid, trade and debt relief policies; and responsible biological resource management and enforcement of conservation laws in developing countries.

Hama Arba Diallo, UNCCD, recognized the anticipated new funds for CCD implementation which will help decrease drought and increase carbon sequestration.

Joke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC, noted the challenges of mitigation, adaptation and access to climate-friendly energy and technologies; emphasized implementation of the inter-related Rio agreements; and called for speedy entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol.

Peter Tiot, Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), stated that the shadow of AIDS hangs over all the deliberations at this Summit, explaining that it drains human resources and can even result in "un-development." He called for a full-scale prevention strategy incorporating distribution of drugs, women's education and empowerment, leadership from governments and communities, and integration of AIDS responses into core development programmes.
Onel Arias, Foundation to Promote Indigenous Knowledge, noted the inherent bias in the concept of sustainable development as it is defined through the parameters of Western lifestyles and progress. He stated that while indigenous peoples have been regarded as "poor" in the western sense, they historically have been rich in terms of biodiversity. He advocated moving beyond the colonial model towards indigenous peoples and concentrating on sustainable agriculture and forest protection.
288iucn-achim.jpg (209660 bytes)

Achim Steiner, IUCN, stated that the official discussions were re-negotiating what had been agreed in Rio and that environmental conditions have notably degraded in the last decade. He argued that the Millennium Development Goals were being short-changed by agreements on trade, and stated that trade liberalization is a means and not an end in itself. He called upon the conference to distinguish itself from all of the other conferences, summits and declarations that have proceeded it. He closed by noting that far from the conference venue, the real spirit of Rio is actually among the social events, meetings and announcements going on in Ubuntu, NASREC and the Waterdome.
Friday, 30 August 2002
as of 3:00 pm (GMT+2)

Delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) convened in Plenary to hear statements from non-State observers in morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning the Vienna setting heard a report from the contact group on means of implementation and continued its review of outstanding text, including poverty eradication and the chapeau to the chapter of the draft Plan of Implementation on protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development. A ministerial consultation was also held where they agreed to the "Johannesburg setting" allowing all delegations to speak and to address a clustering of principles and targets. Left photo: View of the Sandton Convention Center.

Above photos L-R: Traditional South African dancers, performers from the Federation of Love and Peace, South African handicrafts.

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