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The World Summit on Sustainable Development

Highlights from Saturday, 31 August 2002

The Johannesburg setting met throughout the afternoon with an hour break at 6:00 pm and then continued through to 12:30 am. Delegates reviewed textual proposals on energy, natural resources and also discussed issues regarding the sanitation, subsidies, the precautionary principle, common but differentiated responsibilities and the Kyoto Protocol.

Photos above and below: Various NGOs and civil society organizations staged a protest march to the Sandton Convention Center calling for WSSD and governments to wake up and to listen to their concerns.

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Main Committee:

After three revised proposals and significant discussions the group agreed to text on biodiversity, which references: a 2010 target to reduce the current rate of loss biodiversity with a reference to provision of new and additional funding (42); and negotiation of an international regime on benefit-sharing within the framework of the CBD (42(o)).

Above photo (L-R): Hans Christian Schmidt, Danish Minister of Environment in consultation with Jürgen Trittin, German Minister of Environment; Chinese delegation in consultation 

Saturday, 31 August 2002
as of 6:00 pm (GMT+2)

The Vienna setting was scheduled to meet in a morning session, although it was successively postponed to the afternoon and then the late evening. In the afternoon, the Johannesburg setting, which involves ministerial participation, considered proposed compromise texts in areas including energy and biodiversity. After failing to agree, Chair Valli Moosa (South Africa) requested alternative formulations. 
In the halls delegates have conjectured about what the exact role of the Vienna setting will be with many stating that it should simply serve to forward text agreed by ministers to the Main Committee without reopening anything for re-negotiation. Elsewhere, the contact group on institutional arrangements continued to meet throughout the day.  

Individual Partnerships for Sustainable Development:
Above photos L-R: Country level partner initative presentations by Japan and Belgium

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