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Update for Friday, 27 July 2001


COP- Part II came to a close late Friday night, after agreeing to forward text for key decisions to COP-7. Although ten decisions that were part of the "package" of decisions were agreed here at Bonn, including text on technology transfer and finance, key decisions such as those on the mechanisms, LULUCF and compliance were not finished by the end of the meeting, and will be taken up again in Morocco late October at COP-7.  

However, in spite of not finishing their work on all the operational details of the Protocol, delegates seemed in buoyant mood, given the political decisions – or Bonn Agreements – sealed on Monday, 23 July.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summarizing events at COP-6 Part II, including an analysis, will be online Monday, 30 July.  

Above photo: UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Michael Zammit Cutajar and President Jan Pronk congratulating each other for a successful conclusion of COP6 Part Two and a bird's eye view of the plenary.

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In cooperation with the UNFCCC Secretariat, the ENB will also publish ENB on the side - a special daily report on selected side events from COP-6bis.   

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The closing Plenary took place on Friday evening, 27 July 2001. COP-6 President Pronk addressed delegates, stating that this meeting advanced the implementation of the UNFCCC and brought the Protocol closer to reality, as agreed under the BAPA. The COP then adopted a number of decisions relating to the agenda items on organizational, administrative and financial, and other matters, as well as on the implementation of the BAPA. Above photo: The dias during the closing plenary.

After hearing reports from the Co-Chairs of the negotiating groups on progress in recent days, President Pronk noted that delegates had now come close to adopting a balanced "package" of decisions on all issues under the BAPA. However, as a few outstanding items remained unfinished, the draft decisions would all be forwarded to COP-7 for final adoption.

President Pronk highlighted his aims of encouraging intensive work on the texts, safeguarding the integrity of the political decision – or "Bonn Agreement" on fulfilling the BAPA – and ensuring a fair process. He thanked delegates for their hard work, and said he has received confirmation from all groups that completion of the work will take place at COP-7 in way that is faithful to the Bonn Agreement. He added that the Bonn Agreement will make the Protocol ratifiable.

Iran, on behalf of the G-77/China, said the Group had come to Bonn to finish unfinished work, and thanked all participants for the positive atmosphere of cooperation and understanding. On matters relating to compliance, he indicated that the G-77/China welcomed the Co-Chairs'non-paper (FCCC/CP/2001/CRP12/Rev.1) as a good basis for discussions, and said the adoption of legally binding consequences remained a major objective for the Group.

Samoa, for AOSIS, said the resumed COP-6 outcomes have breathed new life into the Protocol, adding that delegates have taken an historic step towards creating an environmentally responsible, carbon restrained world. He indicated his appreciation to those Annex I countries involved in the Political Declaration on new and additional funding assistance. While noting that the Protocol is "only a modest first step," he highlighted its key role as offering "the only viable lifeline."

Belgium (Above photo), for the EU, said the Bonn Agreement lays a foundation for the successful conclusion of these ongoing negotiations. He said he was hopeful that a balanced and comprehensive package of decisions will be achieved at COP-7.

Australia welcomed the significant progress since the "historic" Bonn Agreement on Monday, 23 July. He noted with satisfaction agreement on issues such as finance and technology transfer, and looked forward to completing work on all outstanding texts at COP-7.

Morocco extended a welcome to Parties to continue at Marrakech the achievements in Bonn. President Pronk declared the resumed COP-6 closed at 10:30 pm.

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