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Sixth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF-6)

13-24 February 2006 | UN Headquarters, New York

Highlights from Tuesday, 14 February

Working Group I
Working Group I Co-Chairs Franz Xaver Perrez, Switzerland, and Jose Antonio Doig, Peru, with members of the Secretariat
Working Group II
Working Group II Co-Chair Majdi Ramadan, Lebanon (left) and Ralph Roberts, Canada (right), who said Canada preferred removing text on voluntary contributions by donor countries, and suggested the development of an LBI, and the creation of a new forestry fund.

Austria, on behalf of the EU (left), cautioned it may be premature to determine working modalities. She also suggested that interaction between the global and local levels could be facilitated by alternating annually between regional and global meetings. On means of implementation, the US (right) inserted text on supporting SFM activities in developing countries.

Switzerland (left) proposed text requiring the submission of national reports after 2009, based on progress in implementation and contribution to global goals. He also requested that new financial resources be from “public, private, domestic and international” instead of “all” sources, and called for voluntary contributions to the trust fund.
Miscellaneous Photos

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