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Fourteenth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-14)

1-12 May 2006 | United Nations Headquarters, New York

Highlights for 
Thursday, 4 May 2006

Participants engaged in thematic discussions throughout the day. In the morning, they focused on the acceleration of industrial development for poverty eradication and, in a parallel meeting, on air pollution and atmospheric problems. In the afternoon some delegates discussed climate change and sustainable development while others addressed industrial development and sustainable natural resource management. Photo: Thematic discussion on climate change and sustainable development.


Thematic Discussion: Integrated approaches to addressing air pollution and atmospheric problems
Highlighting the expansion of mass-transit, Gianni Lopez, Molina Institute, Chile (left), described a lack of monitoring networks and emission standards in Latin America. Michael Walsh, Executive Council of the Clean Air Initiative (right), said many developing countries lack air pollution controls. He proposed focusing on implementation of emissions standards in industrializing countries.
Kirk Smith, University of California,Berkeley (right), said rural populations are also heavily affected by air pollution, noting the cost-effectiveness of more integrated control strategies.
Thematic Discussion: Accelerating industrial development for poverty eradication
David O'Connor, Secretariat (center), provided an overview, highlighting, inter alia, international trade and enabling conditions to attract domestic and foreign direct investment.
Ogunlade Davidson, University of Sierra Leone, said that most approaches to accelerating industrial development are not appropriate in countries with per capita GDP below $5,000.


Evans Kituyi, University of Nairobi, Kenya (left), reviewed barriers to attracting investment, including civil and political strife. Edward Clarence-Smith, UNIDO (right), described the important role of SMEs as the foundation for all industrial development, and stressed the importance of external barriers such as a lack of infrastructure.
Ahmed Hamza, High Institute for Public Health, Egypt (left), said that attracting private sector investment for industrial production is the only way to reverse poverty trends in Africa. Speaking for youth, Jessica Lin, Harvard University (right), commended a UNDP/UNIDO multifunctional village mechanisation initiative, which has boosted women's income, and freed up time for girl children to attend school.

Thematic Discussion: Addressing inter-linkages between climate change and sustainable development: Inter-linkages between climate change and sustainable development:

Jonathan Pershing, World Resources Institute, described the importance of integrating climate change into national economic, industrial, agricultural, and natural resource planning.
Rajendra K Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (left), recommended a global risk assessment, and noted projected impacts on the poor. Gordon Conway, Department for International Development, UK, suggested resilience as an approach to adaptation, noting the importance of diversification.
Halldor Thorgeirsson, UNFCCC, said the climate debate had moved on to solutions.
ENBer Twig Johnson speaks with Rajendra K Pachauri, IPCC Chair (left), and Gordon Conway with Mohammad Reza Salamat, DESA (right)
Thematic Discussion: Industrial development and sustainable natural resource management
Vice-Chair Amin-Mansour (left) and Ernst von Weizsaecker, University of California, Santa Barbara (right), who noted the need for strong government policies to create market incentives for sustainable technologies.
Zuo Xuejin, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China (right), outlined several urban development initiatives in Shanghai including switching to liquid natural gas for taxis.
Austria, on behalf of the European Community, said sustainable consumption and production is a prerequisite for industrial development, and called on countries to take an active part in the Marrakech Process.

Partnerships Fair


"Partnerships in Practice" interactive discussion on Partnering with the Private Sector: how and why? This session was chaired by Vice-Chair Azanaw T. Abreha, Vice-Chair CSD-14

Miscellaneous Photos
Youth at CSD 14
A panel discussion on Increasing Acess to Energy Services for the Poor


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