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[DIR] Parent Directory 23-Sep-1998 11:26 - [TXT] enb0001.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 44k [TXT] enb0002.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 43k [TXT] enb0101.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0102.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 12k [TXT] enb0103.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0104.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 13k [TXT] enb0105.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 13k [TXT] enb0106.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0107.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0108.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0109.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0110.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0111.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0112.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0113.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0114.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0115.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0116.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0117.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0118.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0119.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0120.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0121.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb0122.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 14k [TXT] enb0123.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0124.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 14k [TXT] enb0125.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 15k [TXT] enb0126.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 23k [TXT] enb0127.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 47k [TXT] enb0128.txt 14-Jan-1999 12:13 16k [TXT] enb04100e.txt 14-Jul-1998 17:14 14k [TXT] enb04100f.txt 14-Jan-1997 18:16 17k [TXT] enb04101e.txt 14-Jan-1997 18:16 14k [TXT] enb04101f.txt 14-Jan-1997 18:17 16k [TXT] enb04102e.txt 14-Jan-1997 23:39 14k [TXT] enb04102f.txt 15-Jan-1997 11:54 15k [TXT] enb04103e.txt 16-Jan-1997 00:21 15k [TXT] enb04103f.txt 16-Jan-1997 13:35 17k [TXT] enb04104e.txt 17-Jan-1997 00:11 14k [TXT] enb04104f.txt 17-Jan-1997 10:59 16k [TXT] enb04105e.txt 20-Jan-1997 11:18 83k [TXT] enb04105f.txt 31-Jan-1997 16:12 94k [TXT] enb04106e.txt 24-Aug-1997 20:16 75k [TXT] enb04106f.txt 08-Sep-1997 00:32 89k [TXT] enb04107e.txt 30-Sep-1997 00:29 14k [TXT] enb04107f.txt 11-Sep-1998 00:26 15k [TXT] enb04108e.txt 30-Sep-1997 23:37 16k [TXT] enb04109e.txt 01-Oct-1997 22:48 14k [TXT] enb04110e.txt 02-Oct-1997 23:31 15k [TXT] enb04110f.txt 27-Sep-1998 18:14 16k [TXT] enb04111e.txt 04-Oct-1997 14:52 15k [TXT] enb04111f.txt 04-Oct-1997 14:52 17k [TXT] enb04112e.txt 06-Oct-1997 22:47 15k [TXT] enb04112f.txt 07-Oct-1997 09:34 18k [TXT] enb04113e.txt 08-Oct-1997 07:34 15k [TXT] enb04114e.txt 09-Oct-1997 03:18 16k [TXT] enb04114f.txt 09-Oct-1997 03:18 18k [TXT] enb04115e.txt 10-Oct-1997 00:57 15k [TXT] enb04116e.txt 12-Oct-1997 22:57 93k [TXT] enb04116f.txt 27-Sep-1998 18:15 103k [TXT] enb04117e.txt 29-Nov-1998 19:55 16k [TXT] enb04117f.txt 30-Nov-1998 05:00 18k [TXT] enb04118e.txt 30-Nov-1998 20:08 15k [TXT] enb04118f.txt 01-Dec-1998 05:56 17k [TXT] enb04119e.txt 01-Dec-1998 17:39 16k [TXT] enb04119f.txt 02-Dec-1998 09:20 19k [TXT] enb0411f.txt 14-Sep-1998 14:58 101k [TXT] enb04120e.txt 02-Dec-1998 20:58 16k [TXT] enb04120f.txt 03-Dec-1998 08:06 19k [TXT] enb04121e.txt 03-Dec-1998 20:49 16k [TXT] enb04122e.txt 04-Dec-1998 16:45 16k [TXT] enb04122f.txt 06-Dec-1998 12:18 19k [TXT] enb04123e.txt 07-Dec-1998 17:29 16k [TXT] enb04123f.txt 08-Dec-1998 07:15 19k [TXT] enb04124e.txt 08-Dec-1998 18:26 16k [TXT] enb04124f.txt 09-Dec-1998 05:08 19k [TXT] enb04125e.txt 10-Dec-1998 05:42 17k [TXT] enb04125f.txt 10-Dec-1998 03:24 20k [TXT] enb04126e.txt 10-Dec-1998 19:03 16k [TXT] enb04126f.txt 11-Dec-1998 03:58 19k [TXT] enb04127e.txt 13-Dec-1998 18:31 101k [TXT] enb04127f.txt 22-Dec-1998 19:05 119k [TXT] enb0456e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 43k [TXT] enb0458e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0459e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0461e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0462e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0463e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0464e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 13k [TXT] enb0465e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 85k [TXT] enb0466e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0466f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0467e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 13k [TXT] enb0467f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0468e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0468f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0469e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0469f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb0470e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0470f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0471e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0471f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0472e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0472f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0473e.txt 15-Jul-1998 15:32 15k [TXT] enb0473f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0474e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 13k [TXT] enb0474f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0475e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 77k [TXT] enb0476e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 33k [TXT] enb0477e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0478e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0479e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0480e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0480f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb0481e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0481f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb0482e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0483e.txt 15-Jul-1998 14:10 14k [TXT] enb0484e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0485e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0486e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 80k [TXT] enb0487e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0487f.txt 05-Sep-1996 11:00 16k [TXT] enb0488e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 12k [TXT] enb0488f.txt 05-Sep-1996 11:00 14k [TXT] enb0489e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0489f.txt 09-Sep-1996 00:49 17k [TXT] enb0490e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 15k [TXT] enb0490f.txt 09-Sep-1996 00:39 17k [TXT] enb0491e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 15k [TXT] enb0491f.txt 11-Sep-1996 05:07 17k [TXT] enb0492e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 15k [TXT] enb0492f.txt 11-Sep-1996 08:10 17k [TXT] enb0493e.txt 15-Jul-1998 11:47 14k [TXT] enb0494e.txt 13-Sep-1996 05:00 14k [TXT] enb0495e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 77k [TXT] enb0495f.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:16 91k [TXT] enb0496e.txt 06-Jan-1997 12:14 14k [TXT] enb0496f.txt 08-Jan-1997 14:27 16k [TXT] enb0497e.txt 08-Jan-1997 00:33 14k [TXT] enb0497f.txt 08-Jan-1997 14:55 16k [TXT] enb0498e.txt 09-Jan-1997 02:55 14k [TXT] enb0498f.txt 09-Jan-1997 02:56 16k [TXT] enb0499e.txt 09-Jan-1997 23:21 14k [TXT] enb0499f.txt 10-Jan-1997 12:03 16k [TXT] enb05100e.txt 20-Apr-1998 00:11 16k [TXT] enb05100f.txt 22-Apr-1998 18:21 19k [TXT] enb05101e.txt 20-Apr-1998 22:01 16k [TXT] enb05101f.txt 22-Apr-1998 18:21 19k [TXT] enb05102e.txt 22-Apr-1998 01:55 16k [TXT] enb05102f.txt 22-Apr-1998 18:21 19k [TXT] enb05103e.txt 23-Apr-1998 01:58 16k [TXT] enb05103f.txt 23-Apr-1998 11:15 20k [TXT] enb05104e.txt 23-Apr-1998 23:49 16k [TXT] enb05104f.txt 24-Apr-1998 11:00 20k [TXT] enb05105e.txt 26-Apr-1998 07:17 16k [TXT] enb05105f.txt 26-Apr-1998 07:17 19k [TXT] enb05106e.txt 28-Apr-1998 01:57 16k [TXT] enb05106f.txt 28-Apr-1998 16:19 20k [TXT] enb05107e.txt 29-Apr-1998 01:57 16k [TXT] enb05107f.txt 29-Apr-1998 15:10 19k [TXT] enb05108e.txt 29-Apr-1998 23:49 16k [TXT] enb05108f.txt 30-Apr-1998 13:18 20k [TXT] enb05109e.txt 01-May-1998 01:09 16k [TXT] enb05110e.txt 03-May-1998 15:42 95k [TXT] enb05111e.txt 21-Feb-1999 21:56 16k [TXT] enb05111f.txt 22-Feb-1999 17:47 19k [TXT] enb05112e.txt 22-Feb-1999 21:19 16k [TXT] enb05112f.txt 23-Feb-1999 04:05 20k [TXT] enb05113e.txt 23-Feb-1999 21:39 16k [TXT] enb05113f.txt 24-Feb-1999 05:53 20k [TXT] enb05114e.txt 24-Feb-1999 22:27 16k [TXT] enb05114f.txt 25-Feb-1999 02:58 20k [TXT] enb05115e.txt 26-Feb-1999 00:14 16k [TXT] enb05115f.txt 26-Feb-1999 06:16 19k [TXT] enb05116e.txt 27-Feb-1999 09:41 15k [TXT] enb05116f.txt 28-Feb-1999 21:04 19k [TXT] enb05117e.txt 02-Mar-1999 00:23 16k [TXT] enb05117f.txt 02-Mar-1999 05:48 20k [TXT] enb05118e.txt 02-Mar-1999 21:50 16k [TXT] enb05118f.txt 03-Mar-1999 02:32 20k [TXT] enb05119e.txt 03-Mar-1999 23:48 16k [TXT] enb05119f.txt 04-Mar-1999 04:20 20k [TXT] enb05120e.txt 04-Mar-1999 23:01 15k [TXT] enb05120f.txt 05-Mar-1999 04:17 20k [TXT] enb05121e.txt 07-Mar-1999 19:09 106k [TXT] enb05121f.txt 18-Mar-1999 12:53 132k [TXT] enb05122e.txt 18-Apr-1999 12:06 16k [TXT] enb05122f.txt 18-Apr-1999 22:24 20k [TXT] enb05123e.txt 19-Apr-1999 23:03 16k [TXT] enb05123f.txt 20-Apr-1999 05:20 20k [TXT] enb05124e.txt 20-Apr-1999 23:41 17k [TXT] enb05124f.txt 21-Apr-1999 05:21 22k [TXT] enb05125e.txt 21-Apr-1999 21:33 17k [TXT] enb05125f.txt 22-Apr-1999 02:14 21k [TXT] enb05126e.txt 22-Apr-1999 23:06 16k [TXT] enb05126f.txt 23-Apr-1999 01:37 20k [TXT] enb05127e.txt 23-Apr-1999 23:38 17k [TXT] enb05127f.txt 25-Apr-1999 11:04 21k [TXT] enb05128e.txt 26-Apr-1999 23:56 16k [TXT] enb05128f.txt 27-Apr-1999 05:06 20k [TXT] enb05129e.txt 27-Apr-1999 23:40 16k [TXT] enb05129f.txt 28-Apr-1999 05:10 21k [TXT] enb05130e.txt 29-Apr-1999 00:00 16k [TXT] enb05130f.txt 29-Apr-1999 05:06 20k [TXT] enb05131e.txt 30-Apr-1999 03:54 16k [TXT] enb05131f.txt 30-Apr-1999 04:54 20k [TXT] enb05132e.txt 02-May-1999 18:49 98k [TXT] enb05132f.txt 15-May-1999 14:59 121k [TXT] enb0526e.txt 20-Jul-1998 12:18 93k [TXT] enb0527e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 100k [TXT] enb0528e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 116k [TXT] enb0529e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0530e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0531e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0532e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0533e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0534e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0535e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0536e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0537e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0538e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0539e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0540e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0541e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0542e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 108k [TXT] enb0543e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 76k [TXT] enb0544e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 71k [TXT] enb0544f.txt 14-Sep-1998 15:01 84k [TXT] enb0545e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 74k [TXT] enb0545f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 87k [TXT] enb0546e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0546f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 16k [TXT] enb0547e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0547f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 16k [TXT] enb0548e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0548f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 18k [TXT] enb0549e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0549f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 17k [TXT] enb0550e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0550f.txt 16-Sep-1998 01:38 18k [TXT] enb0551e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0551f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 18k [TXT] enb0552e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0552f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 18k [TXT] enb0553f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 17k [TXT] enb0554e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0554f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 18k [TXT] enb0555e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0555f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 17k [TXT] enb0556e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0556f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:24 17k [TXT] enb0557e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 103k [TXT] enb0557f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:18 121k [TXT] enb0558e.txt 24-Feb-1997 01:58 15k [TXT] enb0558f.txt 24-Feb-1997 13:10 16k [TXT] enb0559e.txt 24-Feb-1997 22:46 15k [TXT] enb0559f.txt 25-Feb-1997 22:47 18k [TXT] enb0560e.txt 25-Feb-1997 22:52 14k [TXT] enb0560f.txt 26-Feb-1997 12:49 18k [TXT] enb0561e.txt 27-Feb-1997 00:23 15k [TXT] enb0561f.txt 27-Feb-1997 13:34 18k [TXT] enb0562e.txt 28-Feb-1997 01:53 15k [TXT] enb0562f.txt 28-Feb-1997 11:31 18k [TXT] enb0563e.txt 02-Mar-1997 19:32 14k [TXT] enb0563f.txt 02-Mar-1997 19:31 17k [TXT] enb0564e.txt 03-Mar-1997 23:11 15k [TXT] enb0564f.txt 04-Mar-1997 10:57 19k [TXT] enb0565e.txt 04-Mar-1997 20:00 15k [TXT] enb0565f.txt 05-Mar-1997 11:07 18k [TXT] enb0566e.txt 05-Mar-1997 23:04 15k [TXT] enb0566f.txt 07-Mar-1997 10:43 18k [TXT] enb0567e.txt 07-Mar-1997 09:55 15k [TXT] enb0567f.txt 07-Mar-1997 10:44 18k [TXT] enb0568e.txt 10-Mar-1997 08:36 104k [TXT] enb0568f.txt 18-Apr-1997 15:07 126k [TXT] enb0569e.txt 07-Apr-1997 23:43 15k [TXT] enb0569f.txt 08-Apr-1997 10:49 18k [TXT] enb0570e.txt 08-Apr-1997 23:36 15k [TXT] enb0570f.txt 09-Apr-1997 12:24 18k [TXT] enb0571e.txt 10-Apr-1997 01:19 16k [TXT] enb0571f.txt 10-Apr-1997 13:50 18k [TXT] enb0572e.txt 10-Apr-1997 23:48 16k [TXT] enb0572f.txt 11-Apr-1997 11:42 19k [TXT] enb0573e.txt 12-Apr-1997 00:58 16k [TXT] enb0573f.txt 14-Apr-1997 10:05 19k [TXT] enb0574e.txt 15-Apr-1997 01:03 16k [TXT] enb0574f.txt 16-Apr-1997 09:25 19k [TXT] enb0575e.txt 16-Apr-1997 01:11 16k [TXT] enb0575f.txt 16-Apr-1997 09:27 19k [TXT] enb0576e.txt 17-Apr-1997 00:29 16k [TXT] enb0576f.txt 17-Apr-1997 13:41 18k [TXT] enb0577e.txt 19-Apr-1997 11:18 15k [TXT] enb0577f.txt 19-Apr-1997 11:20 18k [TXT] enb0578e.txt 21-Apr-1997 22:36 16k [TXT] enb0578f.txt 22-Apr-1997 17:24 18k [TXT] enb0579e.txt 22-Apr-1997 23:33 16k [TXT] enb0579f.txt 23-Apr-1997 10:47 19k [TXT] enb0580e.txt 24-Apr-1997 00:21 16k [TXT] enb0580f.txt 24-Apr-1997 11:15 18k [TXT] enb0581e.txt 25-Apr-1997 00:06 15k [TXT] enb0581f.txt 25-Apr-1997 10:57 18k [TXT] enb0582e.txt 27-Apr-1997 21:55 110k [TXT] enb0582f.txt 16-Sep-1998 00:25 128k [TXT] enb0583e.txt 22-Jun-1997 22:14 14k [TXT] enb0583f.txt 23-Jun-1997 12:31 17k [TXT] enb0584e.txt 23-Jun-1997 23:36 15k [TXT] enb0584f.txt 24-Jun-1997 10:02 18k [TXT] enb0585e.txt 24-Jun-1997 22:59 15k [TXT] enb0585f.txt 25-Jun-1997 23:08 18k [TXT] enb0586e.txt 25-Jun-1997 23:05 15k [TXT] enb0586f.txt 27-Jun-1997 06:15 18k [TXT] enb0587e.txt 27-Jun-1997 06:12 15k [TXT] enb0587f.txt 27-Jun-1997 11:30 17k [TXT] enb0588e.txt 29-Jun-1997 23:57 105k [TXT] enb0588f.txt 11-Jul-1997 14:34 126k [TXT] enb0589e.txt 23-Feb-1998 01:35 15k [TXT] enb0589f.txt 24-Feb-1998 03:55 18k [TXT] enb0590e.txt 24-Feb-1998 03:55 15k [TXT] enb0590f.txt 24-Feb-1998 03:54 18k [TXT] enb0591e.txt 25-Feb-1998 02:26 15k [TXT] enb0591f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 18k [TXT] enb0592e.txt 26-Feb-1998 03:27 15k [TXT] enb0592f.txt 26-Feb-1998 03:26 19k [TXT] enb0593e.txt 27-Feb-1998 00:09 15k [TXT] enb0593f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 18k [TXT] enb0594e.txt 28-Feb-1998 18:10 56k [TXT] enb0594f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 67k [TXT] enb0595e.txt 02-Mar-1998 21:32 16k [TXT] enb0595f.txt 03-Mar-1998 11:00 19k [TXT] enb0596e.txt 03-Mar-1998 20:29 15k [TXT] enb0596f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 18k [TXT] enb0597e.txt 04-Mar-1998 23:55 15k [TXT] enb0597f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 17k [TXT] enb0598e.txt 06-Mar-1998 00:02 15k [TXT] enb0598f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:08 17k [TXT] enb0599e.txt 09-Mar-1998 00:49 64k [TXT] enb0599f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:09 75k [TXT] enb0633e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0634e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0635e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0636e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0637e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0638e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0639e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 90k [TXT] enb0640e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 45k [TXT] enb0641e.txt 07-Feb-1999 21:13 18k [TXT] enb0642e.txt 08-Feb-1999 21:33 19k [TXT] enb0643e.txt 09-Feb-1999 21:09 20k [TXT] enb0644e.txt 10-Feb-1999 18:39 19k [TXT] enb0645e.txt 11-Feb-1999 19:33 16k [TXT] enb0646e.txt 14-Feb-1999 20:08 86k [TXT] enb0646f.txt 10-Mar-1999 21:44 108k [TXT] enb0647e.txt 23-Mar-1999 23:29 18k [TXT] enb0648e.txt 24-Mar-1999 23:29 17k [TXT] enb0649e.txt 25-Mar-1999 22:41 15k [TXT] enb0650e.txt 27-Mar-1999 00:37 18k [TXT] enb0651e.txt 31-Mar-1999 04:28 17k [TXT] enb0652e.txt 01-Apr-1999 13:27 17k [TXT] enb0653e.txt 03-Apr-1999 14:51 75k [TXT] enb0653f.txt 12-Apr-1999 16:20 91k [TXT] enb0740e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 30k [TXT] enb0741e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 74k [TXT] enb0742e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 62k [TXT] enb0743e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 103k [TXT] enb0744e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0745e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0747e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0748e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0749e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0750e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0751e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0752e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0753.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0754e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 94k [TXT] enb0755e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 46k [TXT] enb09100e.txt 19-Aug-1998 00:20 16k [TXT] enb09100f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:28 20k [TXT] enb09101e.txt 20-Aug-1998 00:10 15k [TXT] enb09101f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:29 18k [TXT] enb09102e.txt 21-Aug-1998 00:00 15k [TXT] enb09102f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:29 18k [TXT] enb09103e.txt 23-Aug-1998 00:47 15k [TXT] enb09103f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:29 19k [TXT] enb09104e.txt 25-Aug-1998 00:42 15k [TXT] enb09104f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:30 19k [TXT] enb09105e.txt 26-Aug-1998 01:08 14k [TXT] enb09105f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:30 17k [TXT] enb09106e.txt 27-Aug-1998 00:44 15k [TXT] enb09106f.txt 27-Aug-1998 11:15 18k [TXT] enb09107e.txt 28-Aug-1998 10:08 15k [TXT] enb09107f.txt 28-Aug-1998 14:02 18k [TXT] enb09108e.txt 30-Aug-1998 22:59 105k [TXT] enb09108f.txt 16-Sep-1998 14:18 129k [TXT] enb09109e.txt 13-Feb-1999 19:59 14k [TXT] enb09109f.txt 14-Feb-1999 13:01 16k [TXT] enb09110e.txt 15-Feb-1999 12:34 16k [TXT] enb09110f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:00 20k [TXT] enb09111e.txt 16-Feb-1999 01:56 17k [TXT] enb09111f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:01 21k [TXT] enb09112e.txt 17-Feb-1999 01:30 17k [TXT] enb09112f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:01 21k [TXT] enb09113e.txt 18-Feb-1999 02:01 17k [TXT] enb09113f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:01 21k [TXT] enb09114e.txt 19-Feb-1999 01:35 13k [TXT] enb09114f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:01 16k [TXT] enb09115e.txt 22-Feb-1999 04:11 12k [TXT] enb09115f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:02 14k [TXT] enb09116e.txt 23-Feb-1999 04:06 16k [TXT] enb09116f.txt 23-Feb-1999 22:02 19k [TXT] enb09117e.txt 26-Feb-1999 02:10 104k [TXT] enb09117f.txt 14-Mar-1999 23:20 126k [TXT] enb0919e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 13k [TXT] enb0920e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 0k [TXT] enb0921e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 15k [TXT] enb0922e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 18k [TXT] enb0923e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 16k [TXT] enb0924e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 17k [TXT] enb0925e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 15k [TXT] enb0926e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 16k [TXT] enb0927e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 17k [TXT] enb0928e.txt 16-Jul-1998 10:16 92k [TXT] enb0928f.txt 18-Sep-1998 00:54 106k [TXT] enb0929e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0929f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0930e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0930f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0931e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb0931f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb0932e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0932f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 19k [TXT] enb0933e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0934e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0934f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb0935e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb0935f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb0936e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0936f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb0937e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb0939e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 72k [TXT] enb0940e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 72k [TXT] enb0941e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0944e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb0945e.txt 21-Jun-1996 17:28 15k [TXT] enb0946e.txt 23-Jun-1996 17:14 15k [TXT] enb0947e.txt 25-Jun-1996 18:31 75k [TXT] enb0947f.txt 18-Sep-1998 23:09 88k [TXT] enb0948e.txt 29-Jul-1996 07:51 73k [TXT] enb0948f.txt 06-Aug-1996 19:51 84k [TXT] enb0949e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0950e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb0951e.txt 04-Sep-1996 04:41 16k [TXT] enb0952e.txt 05-Sep-1996 02:51 16k [TXT] enb0953e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 15k [TXT] enb0954e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:24 74k [TXT] enb0954f.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:18 89k [TXT] enb0955e.txt 04-Nov-1996 01:41 16k [TXT] enb0955f.txt 04-Nov-1996 23:35 17k [TXT] enb0956e.txt 04-Nov-1996 23:38 16k [TXT] enb0956f.txt 05-Nov-1996 11:19 19k [TXT] enb0957e.txt 05-Nov-1996 22:12 15k [TXT] enb0957f.txt 06-Nov-1996 12:21 19k [TXT] enb0958e.txt 06-Nov-1996 23:58 16k [TXT] enb0958f.txt 07-Nov-1996 11:29 19k [TXT] enb0959e.txt 07-Nov-1996 23:59 16k [TXT] enb0959f.txt 08-Nov-1996 09:36 19k [TXT] enb0960e.txt 11-Nov-1996 03:00 16k [TXT] enb0960f.txt 11-Nov-1996 03:01 20k [TXT] enb0961e.txt 12-Nov-1996 00:17 16k [TXT] enb0961f.txt 12-Nov-1996 09:10 20k [TXT] enb0962e.txt 13-Nov-1996 10:24 16k [TXT] enb0962f.txt 13-Nov-1996 10:27 19k [TXT] enb0963e.txt 14-Nov-1996 01:44 16k [TXT] enb0963f.txt 14-Nov-1996 11:41 19k [TXT] enb0964e.txt 15-Nov-1996 02:48 16k [TXT] enb0964f.txt 15-Nov-1996 15:43 19k [TXT] enb0965e.txt 29-Nov-1996 16:28 105k [TXT] enb0965f.txt 29-Nov-1996 16:24 124k [TXT] enb0966f.txt 06-Jan-1997 16:32 99k [TXT] enb0967e.txt 21-May-1997 23:07 90k [TXT] enb0968e.txt 31-Aug-1997 23:51 17k [TXT] enb0968f.txt 16-Jul-1997 00:06 98k [TXT] enb0969e.txt 01-Sep-1997 23:57 17k [TXT] enb0970e.txt 03-Sep-1997 01:55 24k [TXT] enb0971e.txt 04-Sep-1997 00:15 17k [TXT] enb0972e.txt 05-Sep-1997 03:07 17k [TXT] enb0973e.txt 09-Sep-1997 00:39 104k [TXT] enb0974e.txt 21-Oct-1997 23:15 95k [TXT] enb0975e.txt 03-Dec-1997 01:00 82k [TXT] enb0976e.txt 07-Dec-1997 22:59 80k [TXT] enb0977e.txt 07-Feb-1998 14:58 14k [TXT] enb0977f.txt 05-Feb-1998 10:25 17k [TXT] enb0978e.txt 07-Feb-1998 14:58 15k [TXT] enb0978f.txt 07-Feb-1998 13:50 18k [TXT] enb0979e.txt 07-Feb-1998 14:59 15k [TXT] enb0979f.txt 07-Feb-1998 13:45 18k [TXT] enb0980e.txt 09-Feb-1998 00:39 15k [TXT] enb0980f.txt 09-Feb-1998 00:38 18k [TXT] enb0981e.txt 10-Feb-1998 18:35 15k [TXT] enb0981f.txt 10-Feb-1998 18:35 18k [TXT] enb0982e.txt 11-Feb-1998 00:16 15k [TXT] enb0982f.txt 12-Feb-1998 12:27 18k [TXT] enb0983e.txt 12-Feb-1998 02:00 15k [TXT] enb0983f.txt 12-Feb-1998 12:30 17k [TXT] enb0984e.txt 13-Feb-1998 06:47 13k [TXT] enb0984f.txt 13-Feb-1998 06:47 16k [TXT] enb0985e.txt 17-Feb-1998 15:38 82k [TXT] enb0985f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:18 97k [TXT] enb0986e.txt 03-May-1998 18:25 14k [TXT] enb0986f.txt 06-May-1998 19:04 17k [TXT] enb0987e.txt 04-May-1998 20:31 16k [TXT] enb0987f.txt 05-May-1998 06:30 19k [TXT] enb0988e.txt 06-May-1998 11:16 17k [TXT] enb0988f.txt 06-May-1998 03:07 19k [TXT] enb0989e.txt 06-May-1998 19:21 16k [TXT] enb0989f.txt 07-May-1998 08:03 19k [TXT] enb0990e.txt 07-May-1998 20:38 16k [TXT] enb0990f.txt 08-May-1998 06:07 19k [TXT] enb0991e.txt 10-May-1998 18:23 16k [TXT] enb0991f.txt 10-May-1998 18:22 19k [TXT] enb0992e.txt 11-May-1998 18:15 16k [TXT] enb0992f.txt 12-May-1998 05:47 20k [TXT] enb0993e.txt 12-May-1998 18:27 16k [TXT] enb0993f.txt 13-May-1998 05:38 19k [TXT] enb0994e.txt 13-May-1998 21:08 16k [TXT] enb0994f.txt 14-May-1998 07:08 19k [TXT] enb0995e.txt 14-May-1998 22:32 16k [TXT] enb0995f.txt 15-May-1998 06:01 19k [TXT] enb0996e.txt 18-May-1998 15:01 113k [TXT] enb0996f.txt 19-Jun-1998 12:14 136k [TXT] enb0997e.txt 15-Jun-1998 22:30 83k [TXT] enb0998e.txt 16-Aug-1998 23:41 14k [TXT] enb0998f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:28 17k [TXT] enb0999e.txt 18-Aug-1998 00:44 15k [TXT] enb0999f.txt 26-Aug-1998 12:28 18k [TXT] enb1025e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1026e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1027e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1028e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1029e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1030e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1031e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1032e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1033e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1034e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1035e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1036e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 61k [TXT] enb1037e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1038e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1039e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1040e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1040f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 18k [TXT] enb1041e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1042e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1043e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1044e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 78k [TXT] enb1045e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 52k [TXT] enb1104e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1105e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1106e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1107e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1108e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1109e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb1110e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1111e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1112e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1113e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 115k [TXT] enb1114e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 54k [TXT] enb1115e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1117e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1117f.txt 19-Sep-1998 02:35 16k [TXT] enb1118e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb1118f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1119e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1119f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 18k [TXT] enb1120e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1121e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1121f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 19k [TXT] enb1122e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1122f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 19k [TXT] enb1123e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1123f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1124e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb1124f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1125e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 78k [TXT] enb1125f.txt 19-Sep-1998 02:35 90k [TXT] enb1126e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1126f.txt 20-Sep-1998 15:36 18k [TXT] enb1127e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb1127f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1128e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1128f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1129e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1129f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 18k [TXT] enb1130e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1130f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1131e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1131f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 19k [TXT] enb1132e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1132f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1133e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1134e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1134f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1135e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1135f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 18k [TXT] enb1136e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb1137e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 83k [TXT] enb1137f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 102k [TXT] enb1201e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 14k [TXT] enb1202e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1203e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1204e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1205e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1206e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1207e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1208e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1209e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1210e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1211e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 74k [TXT] enb1212e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1213e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1214e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1215e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1216e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 13k [TXT] enb1217e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1218e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1219e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1220e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1221e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 87k [TXT] enb1222e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 54k [TXT] enb1223e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 71k [TXT] enb1224e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 62k [TXT] enb1225e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 36k [TXT] enb1226e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 113k [TXT] enb1226f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:19 142k [TXT] enb1227e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 79k [TXT] enb1227f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:19 102k [TXT] enb1228e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1228f.txt 08-Jul-1996 08:05 16k [TXT] enb1229e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1229f.txt 09-Jul-1996 10:39 17k [TXT] enb1230e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1230f.txt 10-Jul-1996 01:39 18k [TXT] enb1231e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1231f.txt 11-Jul-1996 01:28 18k [TXT] enb1232e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1232f.txt 12-Jul-1996 04:57 18k [TXT] enb1233e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1233f.txt 15-Jul-1996 01:33 18k [TXT] enb1234e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1234f.txt 17-Jul-1996 10:04 19k [TXT] enb1235e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1235f.txt 17-Jul-1996 10:04 19k [TXT] enb1236e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1236f.txt 18-Jul-1996 17:24 18k [TXT] enb1237e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1237f.txt 27-Sep-1998 18:15 16k [TXT] enb1238e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 105k [TXT] enb1238f.txt 05-Aug-1996 16:17 129k [TXT] enb1239e.txt 21-Dec-1996 13:04 103k [TXT] enb1239f.txt 31-Jan-1997 17:16 125k [TXT] enb1240e.txt 02-Mar-1997 19:34 66k [TXT] enb1240f.txt 18-Apr-1997 16:57 77k [TXT] enb1241e.txt 03-Mar-1997 23:17 15k [TXT] enb1242e.txt 04-Mar-1997 20:01 14k [TXT] enb1243e.txt 05-Mar-1997 23:01 14k [TXT] enb1244e.txt 07-Mar-1997 09:55 15k [TXT] enb1245e.txt 10-Mar-1997 08:36 75k [TXT] enb1245f.txt 18-Apr-1997 17:00 91k [TXT] enb1246e.txt 27-Jul-1997 22:21 16k [TXT] enb1247e.txt 28-Jul-1997 23:23 17k [TXT] enb1248e.txt 29-Jul-1997 20:39 15k [TXT] enb1249e.txt 30-Jul-1997 23:51 17k [TXT] enb1250e.txt 31-Jul-1997 20:56 15k [TXT] enb1251e.txt 03-Aug-1997 21:36 16k [TXT] enb1252e.txt 04-Aug-1997 22:13 16k [TXT] enb1253e.txt 06-Aug-1997 00:30 17k [TXT] enb1254e.txt 06-Aug-1997 23:06 15k [TXT] enb1255e.txt 10-Aug-1997 00:33 121k [TXT] enb1255f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:19 147k [TXT] enb1256e.txt 20-Oct-1997 00:29 15k [TXT] enb1256f.txt 21-Oct-1997 23:12 18k [TXT] enb1257e.txt 20-Oct-1997 23:22 15k [TXT] enb1257f.txt 21-Oct-1997 23:12 20k [TXT] enb1258e.txt 21-Oct-1997 23:12 16k [TXT] enb1258f.txt 22-Oct-1997 19:46 20k [TXT] enb1259e.txt 22-Oct-1997 22:12 15k [TXT] enb1259f.txt 23-Oct-1997 10:03 20k [TXT] enb1260e.txt 24-Oct-1997 00:29 14k [TXT] enb1260f.txt 24-Oct-1997 15:39 17k [TXT] enb1261e.txt 25-Oct-1997 18:29 16k [TXT] enb1261f.txt 26-Oct-1997 20:30 20k [TXT] enb1262e.txt 27-Oct-1997 19:50 15k [TXT] enb1262f.txt 28-Oct-1997 09:48 19k [TXT] enb1263e.txt 28-Oct-1997 20:39 16k [TXT] enb1263f.txt 29-Oct-1997 17:31 19k [TXT] enb1264e.txt 29-Oct-1997 18:03 16k [TXT] enb1264f.txt 30-Oct-1997 10:30 19k [TXT] enb1265e.txt 30-Oct-1997 19:48 15k [TXT] enb1265f.txt 31-Oct-1997 13:22 19k [TXT] enb1266e.txt 03-Nov-1997 00:59 135k [TXT] enb1266f.txt 12-Nov-1997 08:36 167k [TXT] enb1267e.txt 30-Nov-1997 08:31 14k [TXT] enb1267f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:19 17k [TXT] enb1268e.txt 01-Dec-1997 10:05 16k [TXT] enb1268f.txt 01-Dec-1997 21:30 20k [TXT] enb1269e.txt 02-Dec-1997 11:52 16k [TXT] enb1269f.txt 03-Dec-1997 00:49 20k [TXT] enb1270e.txt 03-Dec-1997 10:32 17k [TXT] enb1270f.txt 04-Dec-1997 06:26 20k [TXT] enb1271e.txt 04-Dec-1997 20:38 17k [TXT] enb1271f.txt 06-Dec-1997 04:28 20k [TXT] enb1272e.txt 05-Dec-1997 10:31 16k [TXT] enb1272f.txt 05-Dec-1997 16:36 20k [TXT] enb1273e.txt 07-Dec-1997 09:36 16k [TXT] enb1273f.txt 07-Dec-1997 18:23 19k [TXT] enb1274e.txt 08-Dec-1997 11:18 17k [TXT] enb1274f.txt 09-Dec-1997 22:40 20k [TXT] enb1275e.txt 09-Dec-1997 16:48 16k [TXT] enb1275f.txt 09-Dec-1997 22:37 20k [TXT] enb1276e.txt 13-Dec-1997 17:38 137k [TXT] enb1276f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:20 171k [TXT] enb1277e.txt 01-Jun-1998 15:13 16k [TXT] enb1277f.txt 03-Jun-1998 09:58 19k [TXT] enb1278e.txt 02-Jun-1998 16:59 16k [TXT] enb1278f.txt 03-Jun-1998 10:09 21k [TXT] enb1279e.txt 03-Jun-1998 15:27 16k [TXT] enb1279f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:20 19k [TXT] enb1280e.txt 04-Jun-1998 16:32 17k [TXT] enb1280f.txt 05-Jun-1998 04:59 21k [TXT] enb1281e.txt 07-Jun-1998 17:45 16k [TXT] enb1281f.txt 07-Jun-1998 17:44 20k [TXT] enb1282e.txt 08-Jun-1998 17:28 16k [TXT] enb1282f.txt 09-Jun-1998 05:05 20k [TXT] enb1283e.txt 09-Jun-1998 18:57 15k [TXT] enb1283f.txt 10-Jun-1998 05:58 19k [TXT] enb1284e.txt 10-Jun-1998 17:47 16k [TXT] enb1284f.txt 11-Jun-1998 04:21 20k [TXT] enb1285e.txt 11-Jun-1998 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1285f.txt 12-Jun-1998 10:42 20k [TXT] enb1286e.txt 14-Jun-1998 20:53 108k [TXT] enb1286f.txt 22-Jun-1998 15:28 134k [TXT] enb1287e.txt 01-Nov-1998 20:07 16k [TXT] enb1287f.txt 01-Nov-1998 22:55 18k [TXT] enb1288e.txt 02-Nov-1998 23:07 15k [TXT] enb1288f.txt 03-Nov-1998 05:57 19k [TXT] enb1289e.txt 03-Nov-1998 21:36 17k [TXT] enb1289f.txt 04-Nov-1998 09:07 20k [TXT] enb1290e.txt 04-Nov-1998 23:02 17k [TXT] enb1290f.txt 05-Nov-1998 07:09 21k [TXT] enb1291e.txt 06-Nov-1998 00:29 15k [TXT] enb1291f.txt 06-Nov-1998 07:12 18k [TXT] enb1292e.txt 08-Nov-1998 21:33 16k [TXT] enb1292f.txt 09-Nov-1998 00:21 19k [TXT] enb1293e.txt 09-Nov-1998 23:25 16k [TXT] enb1293f.txt 10-Nov-1998 06:18 19k [TXT] enb1294e.txt 11-Nov-1998 06:57 16k [TXT] enb1294f.txt 11-Nov-1998 10:22 19k [TXT] enb1295e.txt 11-Nov-1998 22:33 16k [TXT] enb1295f.txt 12-Nov-1998 00:37 19k [TXT] enb1296e.txt 13-Nov-1998 04:09 16k [TXT] enb1296f.txt 13-Nov-1998 04:07 20k [TXT] enb1297e.txt 15-Nov-1998 21:12 113k [TXT] enb1297f.txt 23-Nov-1998 12:13 136k [TXT] enb1298e.txt 18-Apr-1999 22:24 119k [TXT] enb1301e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 44k [TXT] enb1303e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 96k [TXT] enb1304e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1305e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1306e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1307e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1308e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1309e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1310e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1311e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 17k [TXT] enb1312e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 15k [TXT] enb1313e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 16k [TXT] enb1314e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 98k [TXT] enb1315e.txt 08-Sep-1996 16:37 16k [TXT] enb1316e.txt 09-Sep-1996 18:12 15k [TXT] enb1317e.txt 10-Sep-1996 19:26 16k [TXT] enb1318e.txt 11-Sep-1996 18:49 16k [TXT] enb1319e.txt 12-Sep-1996 16:13 17k [TXT] enb1320e.txt 15-Sep-1996 21:09 16k [TXT] enb1321e.txt 16-Sep-1996 17:08 16k [TXT] enb1322e.txt 17-Sep-1996 18:16 16k [TXT] enb1323e.txt 18-Sep-1996 16:45 16k [TXT] enb1324e.txt 19-Sep-1996 17:34 15k [TXT] enb1325e.txt 22-Sep-1996 20:57 97k [TXT] enb1325f.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:16 121k [TXT] enb1326e.txt 10-Feb-1997 22:55 14k [TXT] enb1327e.txt 11-Feb-1997 23:50 16k [TXT] enb1328e.txt 12-Feb-1997 23:59 14k [TXT] enb1329e.txt 14-Feb-1997 00:01 16k [TXT] enb1330e.txt 17-Feb-1997 21:55 15k [TXT] enb1331e.txt 18-Feb-1997 22:23 16k [TXT] enb1332e.txt 19-Feb-1997 21:46 14k [TXT] enb1333e.txt 21-Feb-1997 01:33 16k [TXT] enb1334e.txt 24-Feb-1997 01:57 87k [TXT] enb1334f.txt 18-Apr-1997 15:52 107k [TXT] enb1335e.txt 23-Aug-1998 23:37 16k [TXT] enb1335f.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:03 19k [TXT] enb1336e.txt 25-Aug-1998 00:43 15k [TXT] enb1336f.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:04 19k [TXT] enb1337e.txt 25-Aug-1998 19:20 16k [TXT] enb1337f.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:04 20k [TXT] enb1338e.txt 26-Aug-1998 18:17 16k [TXT] enb1338f.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:04 20k [TXT] enb1339e.txt 27-Aug-1998 18:21 16k [TXT] enb1339f.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:04 21k [TXT] enb1340e.txt 28-Aug-1998 16:37 15k [TXT] enb1340f.txt 30-Aug-1998 22:59 19k [TXT] enb1341e.txt 31-Aug-1998 18:50 16k [TXT] enb1341f.txt 01-Sep-1998 12:12 19k [TXT] enb1342e.txt 01-Sep-1998 18:40 16k [TXT] enb1342f.txt 02-Sep-1998 00:56 20k [TXT] enb1343e.txt 02-Sep-1998 19:07 16k [TXT] enb1343f.txt 03-Sep-1998 00:38 21k [TXT] enb1344e.txt 03-Sep-1998 17:38 16k [TXT] enb1344f.txt 04-Sep-1998 00:25 21k [TXT] enb1345e.txt 06-Sep-1998 14:20 91k [TXT] enb1345f.txt 16-Sep-1998 14:21 112k [TXT] enb1346e.txt 02-May-1999 23:09 14k [TXT] enb1346f.txt 02-May-1999 23:09 17k [TXT] enb1347e.txt 03-May-1999 17:47 17k [TXT] enb1347f.txt 05-May-1999 00:40 22k [TXT] enb1348e.txt 05-May-1999 00:41 17k [TXT] enb1348f.txt 05-May-1999 00:41 22k [TXT] enb1349e.txt 06-May-1999 01:16 16k [TXT] enb1349f.txt 06-May-1999 01:17 20k [TXT] enb1350e.txt 07-May-1999 00:34 15k [TXT] enb1350f.txt 07-May-1999 00:34 19k [TXT] enb1351e.txt 09-May-1999 18:10 16k [TXT] enb1351f.txt 09-May-1999 18:10 20k [TXT] enb1352e.txt 10-May-1999 19:36 16k [TXT] enb1352f.txt 11-May-1999 03:44 21k [TXT] enb1353e.txt 12-May-1999 03:33 17k [TXT] enb1353f.txt 12-May-1999 03:34 22k [TXT] enb1354e.txt 13-May-1999 20:36 16k [TXT] enb1354f.txt 13-May-1999 20:38 20k [TXT] enb1355e.txt 16-May-1999 18:41 103k [TXT] enb1402e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 78k [TXT] enb1403e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 36k [TXT] enb1404e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1405e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1406e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1407e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 13k [TXT] enb1408e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1409e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 66k [TXT] enb1410e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 14k [TXT] enb1410f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 16k [TXT] enb1411e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 14k [TXT] enb1411f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:00 16k [TXT] enb1412e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 14k [TXT] enb1412f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:00 16k [TXT] enb1413e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1413f.txt 20-Sep-1998 23:00 18k [TXT] enb1414e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1414f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb1415e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1415f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb1416e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1416f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb1417e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1417f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb1418e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1418f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 17k [TXT] enb1419e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1419f.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 18k [TXT] enb1420e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:22 15k [TXT] enb1420f.txt 21-Sep-1998 11:30 17k [TXT] enb1421e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 83k [TXT] enb1421f.txt 18-Oct-1998 14:33 98k [TXT] enb1422e.txt 05-Apr-1997 17:23 58k [TXT] enb1423e.txt 22-Mar-1999 02:33 65k [TXT] enb1501e.txt 18-Feb-1997 16:51 94k [TXT] enb1501f.txt 18-Apr-1997 14:35 111k [TXT] enb1502e.txt 02-Jun-1997 00:36 94k [TXT] enb1503e.txt 26-Oct-1997 20:33 77k [TXT] enb1504e.txt 17-Mar-1998 12:24 90k [TXT] enb1505e.txt 01-Jul-1998 00:32 13k [TXT] enb1506e.txt 01-Jul-1998 00:32 15k [TXT] enb1507e.txt 01-Jul-1998 00:33 15k [TXT] enb1508e.txt 01-Jul-1998 22:49 15k [TXT] enb1509e.txt 03-Jul-1998 00:01 15k [TXT] enb1510e.txt 05-Jul-1998 20:43 78k [TXT] enb1511e.txt 13-Sep-1998 18:52 58k [TXT] enb1512e.txt 01-Nov-1998 22:02 82k [TXT] enb1513e.txt 24-Jan-1999 19:42 15k [TXT] enb1514e.txt 25-Jan-1999 17:38 17k [TXT] enb1515e.txt 26-Jan-1999 19:17 17k [TXT] enb1516e.txt 27-Jan-1999 18:35 17k [TXT] enb1517e.txt 28-Jan-1999 17:22 17k [TXT] enb1518e.txt 31-Jan-1999 18:15 82k [TXT] enb1601e.txt 01-Feb-1999 04:45 15k [TXT] enb1602e.txt 01-Feb-1999 19:33 17k [TXT] enb1603e.txt 02-Feb-1999 17:05 18k [TXT] enb1604e.txt 03-Feb-1999 18:15 16k [TXT] enb1605e.txt 04-Feb-1999 15:58 16k [TXT] enb1606e.txt 10-Feb-1999 11:46 93k [TXT] enb1701e.txt 09-May-1999 23:42 17k [TXT] enb1702e.txt 11-May-1999 03:05 17k [TXT] enb1703e.txt 12-May-1999 04:10 18k [TXT] enb1704e.txt 13-May-1999 04:25 18k [TXT] enb1705e.txt 14-May-1999 05:59 18k [TXT] enb1706e.txt 15-May-1999 06:20 18k [TXT] enb1707e.txt 16-May-1999 04:13 18k [TXT] enb1708e.txt 18-May-1999 02:38 17k [DIR] sd/ 13-May-1999 19:31 - [TXT] sd_vol4no1.txt 20-May-1997 22:45 80k [TXT] sdvol4no1.txt 23-May-1997 17:09 80k [TXT] sdvol5no1.txt 27-May-1997 00:41 73k